Monday, June 22, 2009

WIPeout 2009 - Suffrage beanie

I know, I know, I wasn't going to work on beanies but I was caught short with an overlong wait at the doctor's and this accidentally got finished.

PATTERN: TTWC using slip stitch for the body of the hat.

YARN: The dark purple is Cleckheaton 12ply, the variegated green/purple is Happy Spider Hydrangea - a custom job over very old Wangaratta Woollen Mills white from the 80s.

Now there are only two hats in the queue - wonder if I can eke them out for another couple of months? No, I don't think it likley either.

Oh, and Lovestitches - I'd really like to oblige with a photo of my entire stash but don't have access to a satellite right now. I wish that was an exaggeration.


TinkingBell said...

Especially necessary for the cowpat wool I believe?

And let's face it - your stash provides a service to the ACT (and makes mine look slightly less...)

Marg B said...

Very creative. I'm sure the recipient of that hat won't object to it being available for use during Canberra's cold winter. (I shiver every time News Radio does the early morning weather report - "It's currently a very chilly minus 2 in the nation's capitol") And besides, it's just too much fun stashbusting the odd balls in the stash via a unique hat!

Lynne said...

Absolutely gorgeous. What a great colour commbination.

Isn't it amazing how using different stitches/colours changes something so drastically?

Anonymous said...

When you refer to your stash I am always reminded of my reaction when I stumbled across this link:

Priscilla said...

That hat really is lovely. I would like to experiment more with slip stitches. And great to see another FO!