Friday, December 31, 2010

Better Cowl

We're off to New Zealand in September for the Rugby World Cup.  A cowl that keeps my neck and head warm will be of more use than a scarf and hat and it needs to be light weight as luggage weights are tight.

As the alpaca cowl didn't meet all of those requirements, I looked for another pattern.  The Imagination Cowl from Knitpicks was just the thing.

Knitted in Moda Vera Noir sock yarn (bought for less than $6 a ball at Scablight last Christmas sales), it took all of two x 100 gram balls.

I mistook the pattern initially but the flared lower edge works brilliantly and sits over my shoulders, while the ruching pattern keeps it close enough to the neck and face for warmth without strangulation.

This one is a winner.

The pattern is free.  It is Ravelled here and on the Knitpicks website here.


Kate said...

Oh, you're on leave. I thought you were being more 'present' than usual. I always enjoy the 7 things entries. Well done on the mulberries. I seem to remember a likely tree afew blocks away...

Genny said...

Yay for world cup! I hope you are planning some time to have a cup of tea with Granny ;-)

Taphophile said...

More time to do the blocking, take the photos, load the photos, etc., Kate - yes. Go get those mulberries. Made a mulberry butter once that was delish on toast. Sugar, mulberries, butter. Squish together, roll into logs and freeze.

And Granny G, we'd love a cuppa. Only in Auckland to drop the campervan off, but we'll do what we can. :)