Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tip for Commenters

Please, if you leave a comment asking a question, put an email address in your profile or give some indication of how to contact you - a Rav name perhaps?

It's much easier to reply if I have some actual way of contacting you.  I don't assume that you subscribe to comments (I never do), and it's a really cumbersome way of assisting you.

Also, I am on the move a lot.  I answer most of my email (comments come to me as email) from my phone.  I don't have ready access to the blog from my phone, so a way of emailing you means you'll get a reply quicker.  I have not replied to some questions because it has been logistically impossible to reply to an anonymous commenter with no return address.

Or if you have a question about a pattern, for example, email me - my email address is in my profile.


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