Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sort Out Starts

I won't check in every day on how I'm going with this challenge, but I need to celebrate my achievements and keep myself accountable.  A cheer squad might help in a couple of weeks' time when my enthusiasm wanes.
  • Half the ironing backlog done
  • washing up to date
  • Kitchen sink discovered under load of coffee mugs and cereal bowls
  • Pork, turkey and lamb cooked for tomorrow
  • 6 jars of old and runny plum jam turned into 5 jars chilli plum sauce
  • 2 cowls blocked
  • Jam and chutney under Mum's house sorted by type and date
  • Jars and bottles under Mum's house sorted into size and unusable jars disposed of  - ready to come home once my storage is sorted
  • Outs to op shop with only two ins in exchange
  • Presents wrapped


1 comment:

Sheep Rustler said...

How incredibly industrious. I will consider myself super high achieving if I get two pavlovas made today, a couple of boxes of books packed, two loads of washing on the line and the presents wrapped. Merry Christmas to you and TOF and the puppies!