Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sort-it-out Summer

I'm on leave from my paid job until 1 February. Nearly 6 weeks to get stuff done.

My peripatetic lifestyle (weeknights at Taph Towers, weekends Chez TOF with morning and evening sessions at Mum's to do whatever needs doing) has meant that I don't seem to have the time to do all the things I want to do, or if I have the time, the tools I need are somewhere else. And housework - once I've done Mum's I'm not all that bothered about it elsewhere. So there's a backlog of things to do. And now is the time to get my house in order - quite literally.

Here's a cut-down list of what I'd like to achieve. I don't expect it will all get done, but I do aim to advance all of it. The priorities are organising the storage under my house and clearing out some of Mum's, paving at TOF'S and curtain making.

• TOF’s lounge room cut and paste
• Caravan nets
• Caravan wovens cut down and remade
• Taph Towers linen for master bedroom
• Taph Towers hang lounge room
• Taph Towers cut down cream from lounge room for other two bedrooms

• Clean and tidy inside (constant)
• Tupperware cupboard reorganisation
• Pantry reorganisation
• Under house storage complete organisation
• Reorganise studio

• Clear out under house (well get rid of the obvious stuff at least)
• Recook jams
• Reclaim jars
• Fabric sort
• Yarn sort

• Set up priorities for next 6 months
• Fleeces to be cleaned and carded
• Finish off stuff (constant)
• Make "yarn" for braided rugs for van
• Make recycled wool rugs for bedroom

• all of it

• Preserves as and when
• rotate deep freeze

• Weed
• Prune
• Fertilise

• Sort
• Clean
• Lay

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