Sunday, December 30, 2007

FO Par

Lest it appear all I do is chuck stuff out, here are a few things I've created.

A souvenir of Singapore from TSS, given the stitchmarker treatment.

It's OK, she gave it to me with this in mind.

Mum's rib and lace socks from the Patonyle sock book. The anklets take 67g to make.

The Stanbridge socks for me from Ornaghi Filati Luna Park a prize won from Yarn magazine.


Kuka said...

Aaah those stitch markers are too cute! =)

Donna Lee said...

What a good way to shake it all about. Great stitch markers. I still use the broken circle ones I bought at the store when I have some old unused bracelets that I could make useful again. You've inspired me.

amanda j said...

Gorgeous fruit tingle socks!

kms said...

the cutest stitch markers EVER! yummy lolly socks. how busy you have been! happy new year xxx

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

With stitch markers that cute, I'd be tempted to start using stitch markers. And those "look at me, here I come" socks are to die for!!!! Happy New Year!!!