Saturday, February 09, 2008

One for the frugal freaks

With the whole Seven Things challenge, there's been precious few gratuitous frugalling photos on this blog lately. Some of my friends actually like to see what I've hunted down and dragged kicking and screaming back to Taph Towers.

Today The Shopping Sherpa and I indulged in a Frugalling Fiesta TM, kicking off at 8am at the YMCA biannual garage sale, followed by 6 op-shops and a market. We collapsed into a cafe (Chocolate Olive, Colbee Court, Phillip - highly recommended) at about 2 pm, dehydrated, hungry, broke and very happy.

Video cassettes courtesy of The Shopping Sherpa who got them from a friend who was chucking out her videos. Three taped from TV (Henry V, The Committments and some episodes of Drop the Dead Donkey), and the set of The Life of Birds and The Planets. All to be watched, binned or handed on as the case may be. The documentaries will go to my brother who loves documentaries, too.
FREE - Glass of wine added in celebration.

1 SIGG bottle to replace the nasty plastic water bottle I keep in the car for the dogs. Much classier, much more hygenic.

4 cassettes. Tom Jones, Shakespeare's Sister, Nat King Cole and 10CC for the car.
10c each Vinnies, Phillip.

Set vintage heavy cotton sheets to be shared with TSS.
$6 SALVOS Weston

Three part reels knitting-in-elastic and 3 pairs sock equivalent of vintage Patonyle. There's enough for one full pair, and some odds and ends of a colourway I already have odds and ends of, and other bits but it's essentially 3 pairs by intention.
$5 YMCA garage sale

Vintage cotton hanky
$1 YMCA garage sale

Funky glasses case. A replacement for the one currently being held together with a rubber band.
50c Vinnies, Tuggeranong

Bone handled fish fork and set pewter buttons
35c OP SHOP, Chapman

2 knitting/spinning books
$5 YMCA garage sale

2 novels
$5 Vinnies Weston and Salvos Tuggeranong

Not pictured
1 pair bamboo knitting needles -$1 Vinnies, Tuggeranong
27 vintage knitting patterns - $12 YMCA garage sale, Op Shop, Chapman

and my favourite item of the day

Vintage fine cotton hanky with lipstick print
$1 YMCA garage sale


Janet McKinney said...

Hey - just as well for you that I was busy today... or I may have wanted to know why I wasn't invited...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I see TSS got some "stuff" too - just to make up for the pile she gave me yesterday.

Janet McK

Anonymous said...

now thats a GOOD day!!

Michelle said...

Great haul! I love that hanky best too!

Jejune said...

You're still the Queen of Op Shopping! Great haul :)

Good to know that Chocolate Olive is worth visiting, I'd been wondering...

OOooh, Shakespeare's Sister, I used to love them!

Donna Lee said...

What a great shopping day. Those are my favorite kind. I love second hand stores and thrift stores but I am keeping myself out of them. I do like to indulge in a local flea market but they are closed until the spring. Better for my pocketbook.

Gillian said...

Congratulations!!!. A fine haul.
Mind you it's well deserved if you started at 8am.
Cheers Gillian

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I'm still grinning from ear to ear :-)

I *think* it's because I had such a good time yesterday but it could also be cause I'm drinking a cup of tea made with my lovely new teapot...

sue said...

You bought so many lovely items. It is nice to see the actual goodies you got. You must have been exhausted after all that shopping too.

Lynne said...

Ooh! Your Frugal Fiesta sounds like fun.

I must shop in the wrong places; none of the op shops at home or when I've been on hols have any decent yarn! *sigh*

Congratulations to you and TSS for a very successful day.