Monday, February 04, 2008

This Sporting Al

In a culturvorian expedition yesterday to CraftACT yesterday*, The Shopping Sherpa and I couldn't help but continue the tradition of gussying up Al Grassby.

Al was in a sporting mood yesterday. Here he is gearing up for the shot-put while wearing some of bag swap WIP as a collar. It's recycled Peruvian wool, I think he'd approve of its multicultural flavour - he certainly liked Mardi Gras colours.

Practicing bowling. What do our resident cricket experts think of his action? I reckon he's a chucker and should be reported to the ACB. Although built more for spin, Al was all out for speed yesterday with this ball of reclaimed yarn.

*Exhibition of art prints and a clothing line by a Western Australian designer. Prints good, clothes - not so much. Good shapes and some nice tailoring which was let down by poor/lack of finish. If you're going to make a gorgeous tailored jacket, put some lining in it! Ditto, hand printed silk bolero good, trimmed with stretch ribbing bad. Also, not so much a fan of the exposed overlocked edge.

Was good to catch up with Barb, though, and we ran into the lovely Ninaribena of Canberra's Got Style - a fab new blog on the scene. Do yourself a favour and check it out.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I suppose that in certain circles, doing a half assed job on a garment makes it fashionable. Then there are those of us from the real world....

Olivia said...

I went to the opening of that show on Friday night and thought that Al was looking a little bit bare without any knitted goods to adorn him. So I'm glad to see the tradition lives on.