Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seven Things Week 24

Here I say farewell to TSS and maybe others who've joined in this challenge for Spring and Summer (although Summer ain't actually over yet). I hope you've learned as much as I have. It's been great having you all along for the ride and I thank you very much for your support.

I'm continuing the challenge. I need to keep going for a while - at least another 3 months to consolidate the lessons I've learned and to reinforce new behaviours. You might not think from the Frugal Fiesta (TM) last week that much has been learned at all but I know how well I did.

IN (62)
1 cook book from TSS
1 magazine
60 balls wool (equivalent) GIFTS/OP SHOP

OUT (372)

1 ghetto blaster OP SHOP
76 books LIFELINE
1 wallet OP SHOP
1 blank diary OP SHOP
21 postcards GIFTS
2 floppy disc covers RECYCLING
4 bags OP SHOP
30 keyrings DONATION
2 prs pantyhose reused as knee highs, then as broom covers for cobwebs now had it. BIN
9 vintage iron-on embroidery transfers GIFTS
1 carton assorted old files and papers RECYCLING
1 pot holder OP SHOP
1 stationery set OP SHOP
6 craft kits DONATION
8 alkaline batteries WORK
3 needle cases OP SHOP/DONATIONS
1 knitting bag DONATION
3 wine glasses OP SHOP
2 tea mugs OP SHOP
2 video cassettes BIN
6 audio cassettes BIN
1 scarf GIFT
1 neck warmer GIFT
1 woodwork pattern OP SHOP
2 bags acrylic felt OP SHOP
1 box gel pens OP SHOP
33 pairs knitting needles TSS/DONATIONS
11 crochet hooks DONATIONS
1 cable needle TSS
4 data CDs
1 bracelet GIFT
105 balls (equivalent) yarn GIFTS
3 bath towels DOG GROOMER
11 knitting pattern books GIFTS/OP SHOP
2 hats OP SHOP
2 bras BIN
3 sewing pattern magazines OP SHOP
4 plastic coat hangers RECYCLING
1 length fabric OP SHOP
2 tops OP SHOP
1 skirt OP SHOP
1 set sheet TSS
1 fabric wine sleeve GIFT
1 washcloth GIFT


1 fabric wine sleeve (sewn)
1 blouse (sewn)
2 wash cloths (knitted)


Janet McKinney said...

Wow - you have sent a lot out this week. Well done.

What I have liked best about this is that my unit is slowly getting less cluttered. Icleaned out the spare shower used as a storage cupboard today. I haven't been able to go through my craft area and throw out yet... that just seems to grow.

Also that doll collection - it continues to seem to grow, but I love them. Every now and then they get a little cuddle, and a conversation. And I just love designing and making new clothes for them. Thank you.

TinkingBell said...

Fabulous you!

I'm going to keep going too - I have a LOT of stuff!!! Thank you again for getting me into this!

m1k1 said...

I must also continue, on account of not having even tackled 1 little corner of the spare room yet.
30 keyrings? (I am secretly in awe of your collecting lifestyle, as was.)

2paw said...

Oh look at all those outs!!!! Fantastic!!! 105 balls of yarn!!!!!

amanda j said...

We are about to start with keeping track of our ins and outs at chez j, largely due to your influence! I love reading what you acquire and move out each week! Keep going, it's amazing!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

While I have seem to have fallen off the bandwagon...I haven't really. I now look at the things that will enter my house with a more critical eye.

DH started talking about Spring cleaning yesterday so I think that I'll be back to listing my ins and outs.

Donna Lee said...

While I haven't joined your mission fully, you have made me look at what I bring into the house. Especially clothing. There was a time I couldn't or wouldn't pass by a clearance rack without at least looking and more often buying. I now pass them by (I wish I had this much willpower when it came to dieting). I have enough clothes. And shoes and I really only use one handbag. Now, when spring comes and we tackle some of the closets, there will be room to move around.

Anonymous said...

I think you've done fabulously at the challenge. I have only just come up with some more stuff to get rid of now but I hope to try make it part of my life, at least thinking about my consumerism a lot more.

Petunia said...

Just stopped by to see how you were doing. WOW!! I'm not keeping all the records that you are, but your efforts have made me re-evaluate new purchases (No, I really don't need that!) and look critically at my "clutter collection." I've forced myself to spend more time getting rid of things, rather than finding someplace to stash them. I notice some improvement - it's going to take a while before others do. But husband gripes about the horrendous amount of trash he's expected to carry out. I guess that's a good sign! Take care!