Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seven Things Week 23

Until yesterday there were only 2 things in.

I'm pretty stressed out at the moment. Twice in the last week I could have done real damage on the retail therapy front. Friday night I tried on everything that might fit in My Size and came out empty handed despite there being several items that looked fine and were on sale. Also during the week I had an online shopping basket full of more than $300 worth of sale items from The Wool Shack. Again, I purchased nothing.

Yesterday's Frugal Fiesta was the lesser of any number of evils and almost everything fitted into the defined collection development policy.

IN (58)
2 knitting magazines
27 knitting patterns - FRUGAL FIESTA.
3 prs socks worth vintage Patonyle FRUGAL FIESTA
1 set vintage cotton sheets FRUGAL FIESTA
1 cup and saucer set FRUGAL FIESTA
4 cassette tapes for the car FRUGAL FIESTA
3 reels knitting-in elastic FRUGAL FIESTA
2 vintage hankies FRUGAL FIESTA
1 bone handled fish fork FRUGAL FIESTA
1 set pewter buttons FRUGAL FIESTA
1 set knitting needles FRUGAL FIESTA
1 glasses case FRUGAL FIESTA
1 sigg bottle FRUGAL FIESTA
1 wet weather poncho FRUGAL FIESTA
5 sets videos TSS

OUT (75)
7 sewing patterns OP SHOP
7 craft books OP SHOP
2 jumpers OP SHOP
1 top GIFT
1 skirt OP SHOP
1 book GIFT
19 balls yarn GIFTS
1 water bottle RECYCLING
1 glasses case BIN
2 plastic measuring cups RECYCLING
1 video cassette BIN

1 scarf

IN 58
OUT 75


TinkingBell said...

Go Tah - so envious of your scores!! What fabulous bargains - especially love the sheet and the hankie!

TinkingBell said...

Sorry -trying to type quietly and misspelled your 'name' - should say 'Go Taph'!!!!

Janet McKinney said...

So am I ... I have been delaying putting mine up in the hope I might get some outs to match those ins from TSS.

OK - gotta do it this morning before I go out for lunch

Jejune said...

Sorry you're having a rough time (((hugs))) - I've been there with the 'stressed out shopping but not buying anything' lark - you can't make a decision, and you know you shouldn't spend the money, and nothing is right, and it's all too hard.

Michelle said...

I think you and I might be anxiety sisters. Usually I head to Simply Sock Yarn and poise the mouse over the "add to cart" ... and usually I press it and buy!

Olivia said...

wow, congratulations on the self control! Discounted clothing is really hard to leave behind.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Sigh.... sometimes thinking while shopping really bites. Making do with less puts a damper on the whole retail therapy thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed at how much you were able to walk away from.

amanda j said...

Well done for being strong! Loved the pictures in the last post.