Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scrap Happy

I love using scraps of yarn - makes me feel extra specially thrifty. I also think of it as housework because I'm tidying away all those scraps. "No, I'm not sitting here knitting, I'm tidying up" - totally believable.

Socks for Aneka and Chris's baby, 10g Patons Dreamtime 4ply on 2.5mm bamboo needles

A pair of socks for a baby due on Friday. I prefer to make a pair and a spare of baby bootees/socks, but was 1 measly gram short of three socks in this yarn. Fear not, the last 4g are going to be contrast heels and toes of another set. This is the Left Over Baby Sock pattern by Matthew Hesson-McInnis.

And then there's a 'phone sock. Not entirely sure how this happened - I was playing around with the idea of a toddler sized sock out of this small amount of hand painted 5ply crepe and was suddenly seized by the need for a 'phone sock. The yarn is just too pretty to give away.

For my old Nokia. 32 stitches in double rib for 48 rounds and a three-needle cast off on 3.75mm dpns.


TinkingBell said...

Clever you = oh yes - definitely tidying up - not sitting around knitting AT ALL!

2paw said...

Oh the little baby socks are gorgeous!!! Nice phone sock too. Accidental knitting can eb quite good it seems!!

Olivia said...

I agree that it is tidying up. And such great results!

finishing UFO's could be called tidying up too, couldn't it?

Taphophile said...

Finishing UFOs is definitely tidying up.

Kate said...

Sigh - let's not get onto the UFO issue!
I've always ruminated about making a phone sock. The only problem is that I rarely find my phone in my handbag before I miss the call. Do you find the sock makes missed calls a surety? Or is this just a reflection on the chaos of my handbag?

Donna Lee said...

I would totally call that necessary housework. Tidying up. As in "I'm tidying up the books while I tidy up these m&m's" The socks are so cute and the phone sock is perfect. Who wants a cold phone?