Saturday, February 02, 2008

Seven Things Week 22

The blow out at Lincraft a couple of weeks ago did make me feel a bit guilty. Gleeful and guilty, really. I feel that that particular transgression has been expiated. This week, quite a lot of yarn for which I held little love, or which could be put to a more immediate use by someone else, went. There is another pile of waiting for a new charitable home, which has been found but which isn't quite ready to receive it yet. It will go in the next little while.

IN (9)
2 books
1 ball Patonyle TSS
1 cone black mohair TSS
5 items in a gift from Janet ages ago which I'd forgotten to acknowledge - I do and I thank you, Janet. Lovely examples of your quilting, carding and beading crafts in a handmade origami box.

OUT (108)
5 sewing patterns OP SHOP
1 music stand OP SHOP
31 cones of yarn OP SHOP
64 balls yarn GIFTS

edited to add:
SIAA (1)
1 neckwarmer

IN 9
OUT 108


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Once again, very impressive. I really should try harder to emulate your greatness...


2paw said...

I don't think I can do 99 things out, but I might, just might, be able to do 7. A week?? Is that right?? You do such a good job!! I have to say that the only wool in my stash, apart from some black for someone's cardigan, is green and all Very Useful and Perfectly Proper!!!

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely the master of this challenge