Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seven Things Week 25

IN (11)
3 textile magazines
1 wooden swivelly thing that will be a new sewing tidy when I've fixed it up
1 pair trousers - finally a pair of navy trews to replace ones disposed of a couple of months ago
1 box vintage Fuzzy Wuzzy Angora - shut up that it's 10 balls, this isn't stash, this is art and it's one.
4 bras
1 sewing tidy because of course I found one already made 6 days after I'd bought something to upcycle. I'll still upcycle because I have more cottons and notions than will fit any single sewing tidy.

OUT (31)
4 crocheted bells GIFT
1 video tape BIN
2 Calorimetries GIFTS
2 lacy headbands GIFTS
2 greeting cards GIFTS
16 coathangers RECYCLING
1 stuffed toy - Rosie's favourite Tigger toy is no more. All the stuffing is gone and the squeaker fell out. Tigger is beyond microsurgery. BIN
1 hair accessory BIN

1 pair baby socks
1 'phone cosy
1 knitted and felted bag


Michelle said...

Of course 10 balls of art is only one box. You have my full support. Just like the 3 balls of Opal I bought yesterday are for charity crochet, so don't count as stash on my stash diet.

Kate said...

Ooo, I totally go for your and Michelle's view of yarn purchasing. The vintage Patons I bought last week is now designated as such - non-stash acquisition : D

The Shopping Sherpa said...

The Fuzzy Wuzzy is more than art - it's an historical artifact. I'm glad someone got it who realises this and won't be tempted to pull it apart...