Sunday, March 02, 2008

Seven Things Week 26

IN (16)

1 t-shirt
1 vintage gold glomesh change purse to match my wallet and my grandmother's cigarette case.
1 knitting magazine
9 projects worth of yarn
1 car charge for the mobile - thanks TSS
1 Tropfest DVD - thanks TSS
1 garden bench
1 garden table

OUT (92)
1 pillowcase OP SHOP
1 pillow BIN
1 library bag GIFT
60 pairs knitting needles DONATIONS
7 balls wool GIFT
1 goldfish bowl and accessories OP SHOP
1 toilet roll holder (new and in packet) OP SHOP
1 hessian sack (my Reverse Garbage members' sack). Silly, really, but was very hard to let this go. RG was such a part of my life for a very long time. We started going while at uni to get materials for an ex's architectural models. It provided cheap materials for clothes, gifts and homewares over the years and kept several children entertained and artistically employed. I've made stage props and costumes from its bounty and when I really needed it, RG gave up a huge amount of gorgeous yarn to knit through the pain of an ex's wedding and the loss of the children I parented. But I don't live near Reverse Garbage to use the sack anymore and a friend needs it for his potatoes. GIFT


2 Washcloths
1 set baby socks

IN 16
OUT 92


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Lovely Reverse Garbage story...

Wish we had something similar to that whole area here in Canberra. I always enjoy visiting the market outside and the treasures inside when I get the chance while in Sydney.

m1k1 said...

Yep. Done my share of accumulating from RG in my time. Just as well it is 30km away on the other side of Sydney. It was very useful in the kids-at-school days, but I think I am past all that now.

And how many pairs of knitting needles were there, Before The Purge?

Michelle said...

Great RG story. And it's funny - your glomesh aquisition had me reminiscing about a very beautiful bone coloured glomesh purse when I took to my year 12 formal.

I've tagged you, but you probably have already participated.