Saturday, March 15, 2008

Seven Things Week 28

A week in which I fail again. I promise to do better next week - well to try harder and to not bid on online auctions for yarn.

IN (65)
3 DVDs wrong to buy new, I know, but when it's cheaper to buy new than rent the DVD at the weekly rate, it's hard to resist.
60 projects worth of yarn. This is an estimate - a conservative estimate. There was a yarnalanche at Taph Towers this week - details in the weeks to come but I blame Spidey, the absence of the Voice of Frugal Reason and a particularly stressful time at work. OK, I blame those people and things and my well documented weakness in the face of major yarn bargains.
1 knitting book
1 eyelash curler. Heated eyelash curler as used by make-up artiste to the knitting community of Canberra - Joods. Seriously fabulous piece of equipment. Neat, discrete, black, effective.

OUT (28)
1 glass - smashed BIN
1 small felted envelope - my first attempt at machine felting from about 18 months ago. It worked brilliantly but was quite, quite useless for anything. BIN
1 cd tower OP SHOP

SIAA (3)
2 washcloths

IN 65
OUT 28


Anonymous said...

Oooh I love eyelash curlers - best invention ever. Especially these new ones that aren't the torture devices of a few years back!!

I know this probably doesn't help, but I reckon if you have an absolute bargain of the yarn variety - it's a crime to let it go. A CRIME! Do you hear me? So you're doing the right thing! ;p

Janet McKinney said...

Taph, Taph. Let me be a friend in need and assist you with your OUTS. I am not counting, and boy does it show. My dearest hubby is telling me I have to start counting again. I had better do an entry later today and confess my "sins".

But anyhow, you need a special friend who can help you with your OUTS don't you. 60 Projects of yarn. What hat size projects or cardigan size projects?

Girly - you need to be in a less stressful job...

Janet McK

Donna Lee said...

Where does one store 60 projects worth of yarn? I am not one to let a bargain go by but I think my husband would put me out of the house if I brought in that much!

Jejune said...

We bought an electric eyelash curler after Joods visited our house too :) You looked really lovely in your makeover pics !

amanda j said...

I have never had an eyelash curling experience! I must give it a go.

You are allowed to fall off the wagon every now and then! You are still way up on outs over ins.

Kuka said...

60 projects worth of yarn is not a failure!! Can't wait to start seeing what you do with it =)