Friday, March 28, 2008

Seven Things Week 30

IN (20)
1 bison jug and bowl set. Yes, another one for $10 at the same op-shop and no, I'm not sharing the secret location. The other one I'm using as my breakfast set - great for porridge. This is a little smaller, I'm thinking for hummus and drizzle oil.
1 manual coffee grinder VINNIES TUGGERANONG
2 cones laceweight NZ wool- divine GIFT
1 skein red 8ply - wooly, squishy goodness GIFT
1 skein black possum/merino blend - my favourite soft new pet (don't tell Peggy) GIFT
1 set shell stitchmarkers - GIFT
4 hats worth yarn - TSS (she's back and she's enabling)
9 balls laceweight mohair

OUT (104)
1 pr spectacles - broken BIN
1 knitted and felted BAG SWAP
1 knitting book BAG SWAP
1 note book BAG SWAP
4 balls wool BAG SWAP
9 copy sheet protectors - WORK
2 writing pads - WORK
2 binders - WORK
9 balls yarn GIFT
2 metal colanders. Purchased with the idea of making hanging baskets from them. They've been here more than a year and no hanging baskets made - OP SHOP
2 packets photo printer paper - GIFT
3 tupperware containers - OP SHOP
1 toilet roll holder - OP SHOP
1 biscuit tin - OP SHOP
1 weird basket - OP SHOP
2 prs bedsocks - DONATIONS
45 prs wristwarmers - DONATIONS (There were actually 90 pairs. I'm claiming half as outs as the stash from which they were knitted is mostly mine. I have, however, bought yarn for Mum in the last six months which has not made it to this list, so I'm only claiming half)
2 knitting magazines GIFTS

1 knitted and felted bag BAG SWAP
1 Midnight Express beanie
1 Midnight Express necklet

IN 20
OUT 104

SIAA (4)


Michelle said...

Who are these insane people who are giving away Bison?

Janet McKinney said...

Hmmm now what happens about all the pick ups today?

So good to see you all

Taphophile said...

This was published 7am, Janet. The books were closed for the week.

TinkingBell said...

So great to meet you again - and I'm impressed at your de-cluttering - mine slightly de-railed by the fact that I wasn't here for 2 weeks and I stopped at both Bendi and ACS and nearly had to leave children behind to get wool into car!

When are you coming to Tassie? I have some op-shops I'd like you to meet.....

Kate said...

Wow! This is awesome. You are so totally back on track.

Now i need to admit to ignorance. Bison???? I'm guessing not a large hairy bovine.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Nice to see you back in fine form with your outs. I'm about to head to the basement to begin to tackle the wasteland of things forgotten and the things that should have never come into the house!