Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seven Things Week 29

Not QUITE so bad this week, but with no let up on the work front and the other distractions in my life (anyone want a slightly dysfunctional family - ready made?), I haven't been able to concentrate on 7 things, except to indulge in some op-shop therapy. You should have seen what I left behind, though.

IN (25)
3 pieces of fabric (1 length navy wool for winter skirt; 1 length vintage sea green linen for shirt; 1 very large piece periwinkle blue wool felt for king size blanket) from Salvos Queanbeyan
1 ball yarn to finish SIL's birthday present Scablight
2 pairs curtains Scablight
9 balls knitting cotton Scablight2 vintage knitting patterns Salvos Queanbeyan
1 navy linen skirt Salvos Salvos Queanbeyan
1 lot vintage cream fringing Salvos Queanbeyan
1 vintage silver cutlery set Salvos Queanbeyan
2 lots TTWC yarn Salvos Queanbeyan
1 patchwork knitting bag Salvos Queanbeyan
1 bag spinning fibre EGMTK fibre club
1 set stitch markers EGMTK fibre club bonus - they are soooooo cute - wee little skulls!

OUT (56)
2 cushion covers OP SHOP
1 tea cosy - ruined BIN
1 glass - chipped BIN
50 balls wool DONATIONS
2 reels knitting-in elastic GIFT

SIAA (3)
2 prs bedsocks
1 washcloth

IN 25
OUT 56


Anonymous said...

Yay, you managed to turn it around this week! I haven't done much in the way of in's or outs lately, living on a hill is good for that. No way am I walking up the hill once I have been to the op shop so no op shop for me!

Janet McKinney said...

You are continuing to do well. How does it affect the overall collection? Is there a sense of order coming to your life.

I stopped at the end of summer, and it sure feels good to be released from having to count everything. But despite that, i have had an excellent out week as I have made 3 sets of 50 little gifts to give away. Hopefully there is no way I have brought that much INTO the house!

Janet McK

Kate said...

Ok, you've nearly neutralised the previous two weeks. Another week like this week and you'll be back to zero!

Any pikkies of the socks??

Have knit 1 TTWC Jnr for a friend's little boy and am doing another for another friend's little girl. Nice change from teeny tiny needles and plackets that won't.