Sunday, March 09, 2008

Seven Things Week 27

Having Monday afternoon off I popped into an op-shop or three and picked up a few items that couldn't be left behind (knitting-in elastic and knitting cotton for 50c each; Bison bowl and jug set for $10; shirts for my brother). It was the beginning of the week, I was confident I could accommodate such modest purchases.

At nightfall though, thanks to my generous friends, this goose was well and truly cooked. Gifts of yarn, equipment and reading matter all came in. I'm not complaining. But you know how it is. One little nibble of the edge of a chocolate and suddenly you're surrounded by lolly wrappers and may be permanently wedged into the chair.

I'd also forgotten about the Lifeline Bookfair. I have to attend on the first day, Friday - it's a work thing. I do have to take a break, though, and I managed to snaffle a couple of special items. I also enabled JMcK. It's true I thrust cr***et books at her; it was the smell of a bargain and I am not ashamed. As an aside, it was thrilling to see someone else knitting in the queue to get in.

This post is a day earlier than usual because I'm taking back Sundays. Sunday is now an obligation and computer free day at Taph Towers. I will not be doing stuff for anyone but me on Sundays and I will enjoy it, no matter how hard it is.

IN (67)
6 beanies worth of wool GIFTS
3 reels knitting in elastic SALVOS
4 balls knitting cotton SALVOS
1 wool winder TSS although Mum confiscated it on sight is testing it for me at her house so it may never actually make it home
1 Bison jug SALVOS
1 Bison bowl SALVOS
2 men's shirts. VINNIES. Bought for my brother who doesn't like them so I'm keeping them for refashioning
1 set old spinning and weaving journals TSS
2 craft books LIFELINE
28 vintage patterns LIFELINE
18 knitting/textile magazines LIFELINE

OUT (32)
1 shopping basket on wheels GIFT
26 balls wool DONATIONS/GIFTS
1 circular needle GIFT
3 projects worth of wool - this is a shit-load of wool, but I took it on in projects' worth so that's how it's going out. RETURN
1 pair baby socks GIFT

SIAA (2)
1 washcloth

IN 67
OUT 32
nett out - 35


image courtesy of The Colonial Theatre


Kate said...

You go girl! and yay for KIP!

Donna Lee said...

Sundays off is a good idea. Sometimes I run around like a crazy person on Saturday to make sure Sunday is a free day. Of course, someone (me) still has to cook but I plan meals that require little preparation unless I am feeling like channeling Julia Child and experimenting. I am always fascinated by the In/Out list. I think I have little coming in but I also have little going out. When Spring comes (soon!!!!) I am hoping I feel more ambitious and start an Out list of my own.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I think your mother and I need to have words....

Sister Sticks said...

Some bargains just can't be resisted - particularly gifts from the universe like a bison bowl and jug set for $10. I always figure the way to make such indulgences worthwhile is to really use them. If they sit on a shelf or in a cupboard they are just stuff. If you use them a lot they become equipment (yes beautiful equipment but equipment nontheless). And of course, equipment is much more justifiable than stuff.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Congrats on your resolution for having a day to yourself. May it be just the thing you need to recharge your batteries.

Bison bowl??????