Monday, March 24, 2008

Toe to toe

Riot in Rio bedsocks

Mum is in need of a new knitting obsession specialisation. I am awash with wrist warmers and about to send some to other cities just to share the joy around.

She knitted some washcloths last week and enjoyed it and will do more for the gift stash. To this end I bought her 9 balls of a microfibre yarn on special at Scablight and some op-shop balls of cotton as well. It's not going to hold her for long and could get expensive as the cotton stash is well depleted.

Unravelling jumpers has slowed down her wrist warmer production somewhat, and in a clean-up last weekend I found a few more for her, but she'll have those done this week.

What I need is something that she'll enjoy, that is portable, will go to a good cause and can be supported from current boodle.

Bed socks for Kuka's Can Assist project!

I've given her the pattern, bought her new needles, taken her about 40 balls of yarn from deep within the boodle (inspired yarn/pattern match, Kuka!) and done a couple of test runs with stash yarn.

Riot in Rio knitted from Moda Vera Luxury in the Forrest colourway. Snuggly AND sparkly - I love 'em but they aren't everyone's cup of tea.
Heel detail, Riot in Rio bedsocks

And because Kuka put the Clafoutis pattern with Jet, I had a practice with some of that, too.

Camel Toe Bedsocks

Toe detail, Camel Toe Bedsocks


Kuka said...

yay clafoutis socks! =)
They're great in jet, hey =)
Inspired project name, too ;)

Jejune said...

They're a great fast pattern - my son calls them 'Bam Socks' cos all of a sudden - BAM! There are some socks! I'm sure your mum will love knitting them :)

Donna Lee said...

What a great way to keep mom busy! And she'll love the fact that the socks are keeping people's toes warm. I like the sparkly socks. I am not a big sparkly person but I like a little dazzle. They would be great under some plain black pants for a little ankle shine!

Michelle said...

Those are great socks. My toes are feeling warm just looking at the coziness of those first ones. Well done to you and your mum!

chocolatetrudi said...

You gotta love an 8ply sock. So fast to knit. So warm.

When I read that your mum needs a new knitting obsession, I immediately thought of the Pocketbook Slippers I keep seeing on blogs lately. I've printed out two free patterns so I can give them a try:

Yet another way to use up sock yarn. And if you don't have heaps of leftover sock yarn... well, I've heard of people putting a request for sock yarn leftovers donations on their blogs and ending up with tonnes of it posted to them. There are a lot of obsessive sock knitters out there with leftovers they're happy to give away.

Still, I reckon socks are more useful than slippers.

chocolatetrudi said...

Darn it! I just realised that the slipper pattern calls for worsted/10ply. All I saw was the 4ply specification in one of the patterns and assumed it was the weight.

Hmm. Wonder if I could convert it...