Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Knit Year

Well it's over. The dastardly 2005 with all its Unfortunate Events is gone and it's a brand Knit Year.

Happy Knit Year to you all.

The unexpected arrival of house guests yesterday has put the knitting plans back a little, but as Miss Julie is a knitter, they weren't at all upset that I pulled out Kelly the Kelpie's jumper after dinner last night and finished the leg bands. I put the last stitch in the bands and had enough time to retrieve the champagne from the fridge and pop it as the clock struck 12. So only the body band to go with that sexy little red number.

The general clean up has revealed a hitherto forgotten UFO. In a fit of Christmas exuberance a couple of years ago I knitted a few festivity themed teapot cosies as gifts (and was so embarrassed by them gave none away). One was hiding in the bottom of a bag of ack-rylic I was hoping to turn into Lochie's Jumper. All it needed was to be sewn up. So for the first day of the Knit Year I have one FO. A tea cosy in chocolate brown ack-rylic. I seem to recall it was meant to be a pudding, but I'll be buggered if I'm knitting green leaves and embroidering grub raisins and cherries over this baby! It's done.

PROJECT: Little Brown Tea Cosy
RECIPIENT: I'll take this one to work and reclaim the gorgeous fairisle one
MATERIALS: 8 ply ack-rylic (no band, but I think it was that cheap stuff from BigW)
EQUIPMENT: 4 mm bamboo needles
PATTERN: Can't remember, out of a magazine, I think. Knitted in two pieces from the bottom up and sewn together at the sides leaving gaps for handle and spout. Dead easy and not particularly attractive.

Right, I'm off to celebrate with a cosy pot of tea. Not that we need a cosy in this weather. It was 39.9 degrees C an hour ago, with strong hot westerly winds. Thank goodness for airconditioning (which is struggling a little, but holding it's own).

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