Sunday, July 08, 2007

7 things week 4

  • pink suede shoes. I love these but they fall off and the dress they matched went ages ago. They are also impossible to keep looking good. VINNIES

  • brown patent ankle boots. I love these, too, but they hurt my feet and as cute as they are, scowling and cranky by then end of the day is easy enough to achieve when my shoes are comfortable. VINNIES

  • melamine tray. Don't know where it came from, but I don't like it very much. One less thing to maintain. VINNIES

  • grey wool machine knit skirt. I do like this op-shop buy, but it's on the tight/short side. Best not encourage the exhibitionist tendencies. VINNIES

  • 2 TTWC Jr. One to new baby Zara and the other to the lovely Naomi. GIFTS

  • pink pear bag. It's tough to let this one go but I haven't used it since leaving Sydney. It was my pistol shooting bag. It is just big enough for safety glasses, ear muffs, a hand towel, purse, phone, lippie and a small knitting project. Pistol shooting was excellent fun and a great way to relax. I was pretty good at it and describe it as yoga with a deadly weapon. Knitting on the range did rather freak out some of the guys, though. Heaven only knows why. VINNIES

  • 1 artificial christmas tree. It's been here for three years and I've never been arsed opening the box. VINNIES

  • 1 hand mincer. This was left over when a friend moved back to the States. I was pretty sure he'd never used it. Last weekend I tried to mince vegie scraps in it (kind of pre-composting). All I got was juice, eeuuww, and mush, but nothing came through the little holes at the front. I washed it up and left it to drain on the sink. The next day it had rusted! I put some bits in the recycling bin and others in the garbage bin - it was beyond reclamation. BINNED

  • 52 books through BookCrossing

  • 14 magazines - really old Vanity Fair, Better Homes and Garden and some strange hybrid craft/lifestyle mags that must have been donated. All at least 5 years old. RECYCLING
TOTAL OUT: 75 (and still there is no extra space in the house)


  • Yarn Magazine. It's an excellent issue. Buy it if you haven't already done so.

  • 2 hand-me-down mags courtesy of The Shopping Sherpa

  • 1 old Knitter's Magazine from Vinnies ($3)

  • 1 book bought with a gift voucher. Thrift to Fantasy; Home Textile Crafts of the 1930s-1950s. This has been on the wish list for a while so it was fate that it cost exactly the amount on the book token received a couple of weeks ago.
  • spinning fibre. Today was the Fibre Fest at the Old Bus Depot Markets. It's one of the Holy Days of Obligation for local fibre freaks. Not quite sure how to quantify this, but let's say 7, as that's how many projects there are.

IN: 12 items

NET OUT: 63 things



Michelle said...

Thrift to Fantasy is an excellent book, if only for the photos of her lovely collection. Personally I find the author tends to drone on and on about her parents splitting up, and as such it is an excellent cure for insomnia. But only if the chapter I am reading doesn't have lots of pretty pictures. Then I'm up all night.

Jejune said...

Sometime your net losses must actually show up as more space in your house - it's got to happen sooner or later! You're going great guns :)

Margie said...

I have those exact shoes in HOT PINK leather. I can see why you got them in the first place because they're super cute! But agreed on the suede being hard to keep nice.

Net out 63 things is excellent. I have been trying to get rid of things to sell in my sister's garage sale and I've come to the realisation that after moving 7 times in 3 years that every single thing that is in the slightest bit extraneous is now gone already.

Kate said...

You got rid of shoes!!!!
I'm so impressed. For some reason I equate this with getting rid of jewellery. Impressive declutteridge strategy. Still laughing about the pistol shooting. I took H.I. shooting for his birthday once and he decribed it as 'a guilty pleasure'.

Marg B said...

I burst out laughing when you said your knitting freaked out the guys at the gun range.

I'm getting very inspired reading all your seven things posts.