Sunday, July 08, 2007

TTWC 2007.67

The last of the Patons Ariel (such a strange yarn) is getting it on with some Wendy 12 ply. There will probably be one more of this colour combination.

This week the the first stirrings of boredom with the Time Thief Watch Cap were felt. Maybe it's because I've not had a chance to knit much else for a fortnight, or because I'll be away soon and the need for time thief knitting will not be as great. There won't be red lights to knit at, meetings to tolerate etc. There will be walking, though, and I had intended to knit these on walks along the beach (shut up and leave my pathetic fantasies alone).

Maybe it's time for some other pattern development but I love the all-terrain charity aspect of the TTWC.

Speaking of patterns. Thank you for your lovely comments about the Mary Ann. I didn't keep detailed, or any, notes while I was knitting her although I have a vague memory of aiming for certain dimensions. After I've done the matinee jacket pattern (this week), I'll "read" the Mary Ann and write her up.

In Cook from the Cupboard news - I've been reasonably faithful. There was an incident at SnB with an Espresso Brownie ($3.95), but apart from that, total fidelity. There have been no posts because this week was a post-menstrual flesh fest that may have offended my vegetarian friends.

In a moment of panic, I realised there was less than a week's worth of rolled oats in the jar and no stewed fruit in the freezer and no, rolled oats and raspberry jam are not a great combination. Aren't you pleased I save you from that discovery for yourself? The hope was to make it through without buying more oats or fruit to stew. The discovery of two small boxes way in the back of the cupboard of Kellogs Just Right, which is largely rolled oats with some nice fruit and nuts thrown in, saved the day. Perfect - breakfasts should be easily taken care of for the next couple of weeks and porridge made from Just Right is rather decadent. A little bowl of luxury to start the day.

TSS made me a lovely gift of home-made hummus which I will enjoy with carrot sticks and a glass of wine before dinner this week. More luxury.

Other stocks which are low or non-existent now: soy milk, eggs, bread. This is the point where I wish that the neighbours with chooks were amenable to swaps and I'm desperately hoping that one of the supermarket chains has the preferred soy milk (Sanitarium light) on special in the next week or so.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

If you knead (sorry, couldn't resist!) bread I can bake you a loaf and drop it off when I'm passing on Tuesday...

2paw said...

You are so dedicated to your Eating from the Stash so to speak. Terrible porridge emergency though!! I like to add a grated Granny Smith apple to mine!! Yum!!!