Sunday, July 22, 2007

Outta here!

TTWC 2007.82

Stunning sea green Patons Overlander. The yarn was composed of two softly spun singles plied together. The subtle colour changes were endlessly entertaining, but an indication of my general level of distraction this week was that this took me 4 days to knit and I started the decreases 5 times before I worked out I'd had the wrong number of stitches the whole time.
How delighted was I yesterday to spot a sock (Opal self-striping the same as Five Ferns has just finished) being knitted during my seminar paper? I may have excitedly mentioned it during the presentation. Aah, the heart, such a lovely sleeve accessory.
OK, so this blog will be largely unattended for the next few weeks. I will have to walk to the nearest caravan park for internet access (how very Home & Away) or join the local library ($3 for visitors) which is only open 3 part days a week.

SEVEN THINGS WEEK 6 - I didn't lie last week, I just had a few things that had to go this week.
  • 30 something items of clothing - tops, skirts, trousers, jackets, coats, jumpers, socks and scarves - all to the women's refuge. Most are new or near new, or in the case of the socks, still in their packets. Some I'd intended to sell, but imagining being forced to leave home in a hurry and trying to get clothes to fit someone my size made this a very easy decision. I don't have an exact total - the last figure I remember was 27 and a lot more went into the box after that. GIFT
  • 137 books through BookCrossing for chucking out the car window the whole way to South West Rocks. BOOKCROSSING
  • 8 fabric remnants GIFT
  • 3 little bags with wooden/cane handles. Purchased at the usual boutiques with the intention of using the hands for knitted or felted bags. Well that didn't happen and I know someone who just might use them. GIFT.
  • 10 TTWCs - some to Stasia, some to the refuge GIFT
  • 63 pairs of wrist-warmers. I'm claiming these as the wool came from my place. Some to Stasia, some to the refuge. GIFT
  • 1 x digital camera - my Kodak for Dad
  • 1 x battery charger for Dad
  • 4 x rechargable batteries for Dad. OK, these are slightly cheaty, but they aren't coming back and they were here for some months.
  • 1 recent fashion mag courtesy of TSS to another journal junkie. GIFT
  • 1 hand knitted beret for the TASDA raffle. DONATION
  • 6 cooking mags GIFT
  • 1 TTWC Jr beanie held in abeyance from last week. GIFT

OUT 266


  • 4 magazines from TSS
  • 1 reel knitting in elastic (50c)
  • 1 digital camera (gift)
  • 1 battery charger (bought with my Xmas/birthday gift vouchers)

IN 7


total for challenge 559
(a little over 93 things a week average)

I am only just now starting to see some clear space, but there's a lot more to go yet. When I get back, I start on the sewing patterns and craft books. Duplicate knitting patterns are on the hit list.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I count 10 beautiful bits of fabric which landed at Chez TSS...

Bells said...

have a great time away, Taph. RELAX!

Taphophile said...

I was estimating, TSS and besides some were REALLY small - best described as scraps.

Georgie said...

Safe travels, and enjoy yourself. Especially the bit where is warmer than here!

Jejune said...

I'm stunned by the stuff you've got rid of - and glad it's finally starting to have an effect on the general state of Chez Taph :) Aaaah, throwing books from the car, happy days...

Hope you have a most delightful, delicious, diverting, dreamy, and destressing time away. xxoo.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Have a wonderful time.....have a cold one on me.....knit your heart out.....relax to the max....and above all Have Fun!!!! Hugs from across the ocean.....

Sue H said...

Have a great trip and don't think of us all stuck here at home. You are not allowed to do that, do you hear? lol
Seeing all your hats is giving me inspiration. I have to buy some yarn and circ needles so I can knit the Le Slouch hat.

ferg said...

All you have to do is MOVE!!! I moved in here only three months ago. It was a VERY spacious one-bedroomed flat but now I have to move on I'm wondering how to fit all I have acquired into the shoe boxes they are advertising as similar.
Love Gillian

Alex and Jude said...

Not that I'm begrudging you your holiday or anything - but COME BACK! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

PS, I hope you have had a super fantastic time.