Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kilroy Woz 'Ere

Beanie 2007.76

Luckily the Double Chunk beanie only takes 1.5 hours or so, and they are made all the better for the 10mm dpns Olivia loaned me.

Photographing oneself wearing a newly minted beanie is helped by the medication, self-administered, found in 4 litre containers thoughtfully provided by Morris of Rutherglen. I am harbouring a small bug in the respiratory system. Nothing I can't drown.

Thanks for your words of encouragement concerning the serious leave miscalculation. I'm way beyond lists - the spreadsheets of to-dos are multi-level and multi-page. After about 15 seconds of arm flapping many items were immediately wiped off the lists; like promoting SnB, Knit 1 Blog 1 and Canberra Knitters through the many beginner knitting courses on offer in Canberra in term 3, and product development with The Shopping Sherpa. I still have to prepare a (non-knitting) workshop for Saturday week, recruit and train staff, and about a million other things.

I've narrowed down the take-away project to one of 3 and will probably do a cabled cardigan, either in a gorgeous green Cleckheaton Country, or a thrifty purchase of probable Bendigo aran weight in a natural creamy colour; only it will be longer and a-lined to accommodate the (many)womanly hip measurement. There may be time for tension square making this weekend - or not.

Another thing not being done by tomorrow (the intended deadline) is the Matinee Jacket pattern. Sorry all - it's in such a draft state that it would be irresponsible to publish just yet.

And to update you all on Mum's knitting progress. As of yesterday she's made 61 pairs of wristwarmers in the 4 weeks they've been away and is completely out of yarn (including a small care package I sent up). She's bought a few magazines from a South West Rocks op-shop (it's genetic!) and is having a little knitting rest in anticipation of my arrival with reinforcements.


Bells said...

Yes! Drown that bug. Great beanie! Very cool photo. I often photograph under the influence. Can't beat it.

Neet said...

Wonderful beanie!! I love the idea of being able to knit a beanie in 1 1/2 hours!! (might take a bit longer for the slower knitters amongst us!)

Michelle said...

That beanie is awesome. I should send the pattern to my knitting mum so she can make one for my bloke. His ears get cold at the farmers' market, anda the crocheted beast I made him "has too many holes in it". Whiner.

Lovely to meet you tonight! Hope to see you on Sunday.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Too Funny, you crack me up with the photo and blog entry title. The beanie is great and a 1.5 hour make time is even better. Have fun resting, relaxing and recharging.

ferg said...

I so miss the boxes of cheap but very palatable Oz plonk.In fact there's stuff in boxes out there that would be highly revered and cellared over here for ten times the price. There's also the exchange rate and the cost of petrol on the down side .
But on the up, Op-Shops (called Charity Shops here ) and shoes are a delight and a bargain.
Don't forget you've got a bed in the north of England if you ever need one.
Cheers Gillian

TinkingBell said...

Thanks for the pattern Taph - knitted 3 on Saturday for Mongolia - using a range of wool from 12 ply and on up - The first I did on 66 stitches and 28 rows, the others as per the pattern - Just went through some old postings and saw your comment re the Cherry Bomb - It was great to knit once I got accustomed to lace and stopped frogging (leeves look better than the Left hand side - but it's lovely (in 8 ply alpaca and mohair trim both from stash! Hope the lurgy is over!