Sunday, July 01, 2007

7 things week 3

The week where stuff I actually like is on its way out but a bit more came in. There are no photos.


  • Wool. Yes, you read right. I got rid of wool. Some feltable vintage wool and some perfect for cupcakes wool. I also bought wool. I bought less than I ousted but I forgot to photograph or weigh any of it, so I'm calling it a draw. GIFT
  • 23 items of plasticware and other containers. GIFT

  • 6 vintage fabric remnants. There was no particular story to these except that they are all lovely in their own way. Most of my "story" fabric has long been used. Once was, the fabric stash was of similar proportions to the current wool and fibre stash, but I don't sew so much any more. GIFT

  • 1 seed sprouter. Yes I had a spare - always handy to have a spare. GIFT
  • 1 Addi Turbo circ. I didn't like knitting with it. This was a 4ocm one purchased to knit wash cloths on. The shank was too short to comfortably knit with and was just too slippy for the job. GIFT
  • 2 craft magazines. GIFT
  • 10 Time Thief Watch Caps to Stasia GIFT

OUT: 43


  • 1 set of short 2mm dpns, perfect for socks from the Salvos $3

  • 1 white kid mohair lace shawl from Vinnies $5 (not strictly speaking essential but it's beautiful and compare that to the $6 they were asking for the acrylic tea cosy and there was no contest)

  • 4 magazines - a hand-me-down from TSS.
  • 2 books from Salvos $1

IN: 8

Dilemma: I need glass jars for jams etc. Does the donation of these count? I'm tempted to think not because although they do stockpile, it's seasonal and they do get used.



Jejune said...

Hmm, glass jars don't count, because you're putting stuff IN them, and you can't make good use of all the fruit for jam if you don't have jars. So I think they fall under Essential Equipment.

You're doing so well with your 7 Things challenge, although you're beating the '7' aspect - it's more like 40 Things on average! Very impressed!

And thank you for the Tupperware jelly mould - Dotter has already mixed up a double batch of sugar-free jelly and it's in the fridge setting :)

Kate said...

Nope, don't count - I'm with Jejune. The only problem is that they then enter the other project -Eat from the Pantry! Or will they count as stuff going out in a 7 Things draw? If anyone is coming through WW, I can give you about a dozen jars...

Olivia said...

Thanks again for the feltable goodies! I've used a bit of the green already, should show up on my blog soon.

happyspider said...

glass jars don't count at all... no way!
you're doing very well, i'm impressed!