Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm almost with you

TTWC 2007.80-81.
The one on the right was last seen here. Isn't the little fairisle bit sweet. Lyn did most of the hat but I did the starting and finishing so I'm claiming it. And, Kate - no, I've never spotted one of the beanies in the wild, but I don't spend much time in Civic or at the meth clinic.


The coundown to South West Rocks is well and truly on.

WORK The only work related thing left to do is present a hastily prepared seminar tomorrow. All over by lunch time.

SEVEN THINGS I said that was over, but the last of the TTWCs and Mum's wrist-warmers must go to Stasia; the women's refuge is in need of all sorts of clothing but particularly clothing for larger-sizes so I've had a clear out and they need to be dropped off, and many books have been pre-released in anticipation of leaving them behind at rest stops along the route North.

DAD had his first lesson in using the digital camera tonight. The argument over whether to buy an adaptor for the battery recharger or to take the pack of 20 for $1.99 "ultra mega heavy duty" non-rechargable batteries was resolved when the camera chewed through the first two cheapies in less than 3 minutes. He's going to buy an adaptor tomorrow. We will repeat the digital camera lesson over the next three nights and I have engaged my niece to reinforce during the day as necessary.

I still have to pack his bag for him. Yes. Jaw drop moment - he can't pack his own suitcase. God only knows what box he will tick on the customs form about who packed his bag.

MUM sent home a list of requirements to take up to her, so those nee to be gathered up. She has asked me to bring no wool for her to give her hands a rest. If there is wool, she will knit it.

  • clothes are packed
  • toileteries are packed as far as possible
  • Supplies are packed - just the essentials: 1k coffee*, bodum, wool and silk handknitted bodum cosy, 1 x tin Heaven dark hot chocolate, 1 x eensy weensy balloon whisk to get the right amount of creaminess in hot chocolate, 1 x pkt teeny weeny marshmallows for hot chocloate*, 4 blocks Lindt 85%*, 2 x 4 litre casks of Morris of Rutherglen dry white*, 20 little tins of salmon*, breakfast cereal for fruity porridge*, 1 litre soy milk*.
* = Cook from the Cupboard. I caved and bought the hot chocolate mix (on special this week at Coles')

My HOUSE is still a tip. Sunday will be spent in a cleaning frenzy, no doubt. I'll be realistic - strip the bed, clean the bathroom, kitchen and fridge and have a general tidy up rather than a full on purge.

Also, the fibre/knitting decisions have not really been made. Developments up North mean I might not be able to take the spinning wheel and that changes everything.

Still behind with email and blogs. Sorry.


Kate said...

Still snorting with laughter. No, I didn't expect you to have been to the meth clinic; I know you can get high on yarn : )

I thinka general amnesty should be held on Eat from the Pantry when travel is in the offing. Besides, I know how incredibly extravagant (not) you are when you and your mum travel!

I suggest that you take a biggish project with you. That way your mum can't pilfer yarn as you'll need it for the entire project. In case I don't comment again before you go, have a safe and happy trip/holiday.

happyspider said...

you'll be missed... try not to kill anyone. a care package is only an email away should you run out of anything essential, like chocolate, codeine or hard liquor...