Monday, July 09, 2007

They need something to tell their therapists

TTWC (Jr.) 2007.69-71
L-R: Size 0-3 mos, Size 3-6 mos, Size 6-12 mos

The pink and white one in the middle has been spotted at a fashionable Canberra eatery, and the grey and yellow one (not a traditional colour combination for someone only 7 months old) made it to day care and back, but with some compliments.

If anyone knows a very young (about 3-6 months) Parramatta supporter, the blue and yellow one is theirs. Just let me know before Saturday.

Beanies 2007.72-74

The middle one is a slip stitch TTWC Jr, the other two are just playing around. All would fit a child about 12-18 months. The pink wool is a mystery chunky in the exact same colour as a Redskin - a lolly I love and crave. I got a little bit silly with the one on the right and instead of just drawing the yarn through the stitches, did 3 icords off the last stitches then plaited them together. It looks like the little known 5th Teletubbie, Niddy Noddy. eh oh ;)


Bells said...

Taph, your output astounds me. Have you got a tally of how many you've made?

Oh and I know a young Parramatta supporter, but he's 3, with a boofhead, so it probably wouldn't fit!

Sue H said...

All your hats are beautiful, but what? no AFL team colours. hehe

Jejune said...

The pink one with the braid reminds me of a Snugglepot and Cuddlepie cap! Make it in olive green, and add yellow around the brim... :)