Sunday, July 08, 2007

All Sundays shoud be so good

TTWC 2007.68
The last of the Katia Himalaya and Patons Ariel. I rather miss working that gorgeous purple.
Fibre Day at the Old Bus Depot Markets today was a blast. I helped out with the TASDA set up early on, then Spidey and I hit the stalls big time.
There was no blood spilled over desire for similar fibre but I may have done a bad, bad thing in relation to her lace knitting prowess. We had a lovely morning. There was still fibre available when we left the markets, but maybe not too much of Waratah Fibre's polwarth/silk blend, and Fibreworks' merinos and silks also took a bit of a hit.
I lapsed again with Cook from the Cupboard and indulged in tortilla and salad for lunch ($3.50) but drank my own bottle of water and didn't buy a coffee.
Spent a fab afternoon at Spidey's. I knitted, Spidey spun and she also hand carded 100g merino with 50g silk for me. We partook of a spectacular roast dinner (lamb from my freezer, vegies from Spidey's fridge) and with the Sherpa Monkey decided we were much smarter than all the Darwin Award recipients.

In between times, also managed to buy some local free range eggs ($5.60).

TOTAL SINCE 10 JUNE: $101.23


Jejune said...

What a perfect day - so glad you and Miss Spidey has such an excellent day together :)

Silk, hey? Hmmmmm....

Bells said...

oh that sounds like a glorious day. It really couldn't be better.