Monday, July 16, 2007

Seven things - week 5

Absolutely cannot belive that it's the end of week 5.

It is not so hard to actually let things go. It is difficult, though, to find the time to investigate and make informed and reasoned decisions. It would be simple to just open a cupboard and take, say, every third thing out and achieve the goal. But the challenge isn't really about disposing of items, it's about thinking about what I have, why I have it and what comes in, as well as what goes out.

I've certainly looked twice (or more) at purchases. There has been yarn left in op-shops (this made me twitchy and very uncomfortable and books not bought. I am reassured that this is a sign of personal growth, but I'm a little bit bored and a tad anxious.

Stuff is fun. Things are interesting. Most of the things I buy are from op-shops and they dwell for a while Chez Taph and then go on another journey. I've reassured myself that it's just like making regular charitable donations and the stuff is a bonus, but I have to admit I do love the stuff. I love a bargain, and while I can accept, on an intellectual level, that it isn't a bargain if you don't actually need it in the first place, the bargain impulse is very strong. I very much doubt I will ever kick it.

Also, I love stuff with a history. I like the stories of the things I have, and if I don't know their stories, I can imagine them. New things have short, dull and industrial stories that are of little interest. Old things resonate with the possibilities of the past.

Another aspect that is becoming clearer is that I can't just chuck stuff, I really like to find it good homes. I like to ensure the story continues. Again, this is not something likely to change. If I know you, you will just have to get used to little tokens of love in the shape of really good buys I know you could use.

  • (4) recent fashion mags courtesy of TSS going to another magazine junkie GIFT
  • 1 hand-knitted beret for the TASDA raffle. DONATION
  • 6 magazines, 1 beanie and several items of clothing are ready to go, but for one reason or another, didn't make it to the intended recipients, so can't be counted IN ABEYANCE
    OUT: 5 items


  • 14 items of clothing. On Saturday, the op-shops of Canberra were stuffed full of clothes that fit me. I bought some very beautiful tops, a couple of jumpers (which will be the basis of knitting patterns) a skirt, a jacket and a pair of long shorts. I make no apologies for these. When you are my size and you find brand new evening clothes that fit for $7 a piece and jumpers for $3.50, you do not spit in the face of the thrift fairies by leaving them there. I did, however, leave marginal stuff behind - stuff that although it fitted was not a good colour for me, or stuff that almost fitted. Trust me, this is a step forward.
  • 11 balls of sock yarn from Georgie who brought it back from Germany with her. This was a planned purchase.

IN: 25 things

The challenge has to stop here for now. I won't be home for an entire week this week and it's a bit hard to do this when I'm not here. I will, however, give it another go when I return.

NET OUT THIS WEEK - 20 things


which is an average of 50 things per week - or more than 7 times the required number


Anonymous said...

You've just described how I am about 'stuff' - love it. Give me old over new any day...and if it's a bargain that's even better.
We could be peas in a pod! When are we going on that Oppie tour?? Hmmmmm?

Janette said...

Wow, you are amazing. I don't think I could do what you are achieving.

Have a wonderful holiday.

kms said...

i cant believe how disciplined youve been with this! enjoy your week off. and thanks for leaving me some sock yarn, must have been hard to walk away from that box!!

TinkingBell said...

I am in awe Taph - both of your knitterliness and ability to declutter! - I am appalling at letting things continue on their journey - I have good intentions, but so many things seems to have finished their journey and made their home with me..... I have also left both new bargain wool and op-shop wool this week - and congratulated myself - but more things need to go from my house!

2paw said...

You are so dedicated and I am so unable to get rid of 'stuff'!!!! Well done and I know I should try harder!!!