Monday, December 03, 2007

Do not call 000

but I need some advice on cr***et.

A woman I work with also works at a group home for the handicapped. There's a guy there who has been cr****ting chains for years. He just likes doing it. He chains until the ball is used up and then he starts a new ball if there is one, or he uravels what he's done and starts again. He is 63 - there's a ship-load of chain.

He'd like to do something with the chains and my colleague wants to help but doesn't cr****t, or indeed knit. I've given her a big bag of yarn to help keep going but she needs ideas.

So far I've come up with
  • find a bigger hook and use the chain as yarn for another chain (I have no idea if that would work),
  • use the chain as you would French knitting and make rugs/placemats/trivets,
  • use the chain to weave with by making a loom out of a picture frame or old tapestry frame. Again, I have no idea if that would work.


While you're thinking, here's some novelty yarn, stash-busting, side-to-side scarves.

*edited to explain that I include photos of novelty yarn scarves to show that I, too, can participate in maligned crafts activity - make as much fun as you like.


Janet McKinney said...

Tongue in Cheek idea

Donate them to the Territory Government to decorate the HUGE Christmas Tree.

Cut them into 4 metre lengths and give them to little girls to use them for - oh you know that game where you put a circle of elastic around two sets of legs and jump on it - that is right Elastics

Hang them in a doorway in strips to stop the flies coming in and out

Actually - some more serious ones now!!

Knit them up to make a rug

Glue them together by winding them round and round around a plastic Subway Salad Dish to make a crocheted dish.

Crochet them into a thicker yarn, and then weave them to make a mat

I like the idea of weaving on a picture frame to make something

Teach him to do treble, and then make a crochet tartan blanket - weaving the crochet chains in the other way

Anyhow - what is wrong with CROCHET.... I love doing it.... (see I will say the word on your blog - you may ban me, but I will keep on saying it!!!

Kai said...

When I was a little girl (maybe 5) I used to also crochet chains - actually one big chain - with the left over half balls from my mum's and gran's knitting.

I'm afraid this doesn't help you any as I just ended up throwing out a 40-ish cm ball (mostly pink and orange) when I was a teenager and couldn't think of anything to do with it.

Still, I just thought it was interesting that someone else enjoys crafting without an outcome!

chocolatetrudi said...

Sell it as novelty yarn at the local market to raise money for the home.

You can certainly chain the chain. Just use a bigger hook.

A friend bought a scarf a few years back that had been made using a method that could easily be replicated. The yarn had been looped around and around something (like when you want a yarns wpi), then it was machine sewn up and down the middle a few times. It created a loopy-sided scarf. I imagined the 'something' was long, flat narrow piece of card or wood, with a gap down the middle to allow for the sewing.

m1k1 said...

Chocolatetrudi's suggestion is the best one, if our crocheter just likes the simple repetitive nature of the chain. The winding onto card has a simple rhythm to it too. Then there just has to be someone to sew it.

Janet McKinney said...

Love the chocolate trudi suggestion too. Maybe I will try that sometime