Sunday, December 02, 2007

Seven Things Week 13 - unlucky for some

Good Lord - all but one of my ins this week relates directly to knitting. Not all that surprising I guess, but, you know, it's a bit of a giveaway that I might just be a bit OCD here.

IN: (28)
4 pairs socks worth of Patonyle
6 hats worth of Twilleys Freedom Wool
1 scarf worth of Twilleys Freedom Wool
1 wrap's worth of Naturally Sensation wool and angora
1 Vogue Knitting International magazine
2 old Cast On magazines from Vinnies
1 old Knitters' magazine from Vinnies
1 Interweave Gift Knits 2007
2 circular needles from Vinnies
1 set wooden Erotel needles from Vinnies
5 knitting books
1 novel - the new Jasper Fforde, First Among Sequels. A gift from a colleague.
1 cone 8ply from Vinnies
1 cone laceweight from Vinnies

OUT: (48)
6 tea towels. SALVOS
5 cotton scarves. VINNIES
1 insulated back pack which was a gift for being on an expert panel last year. Very useful I'm sure but I don't need it and it has the Australian Seniors Portal logo all over it and that would just be false advertising! ;) VINNIES
10m blue and white checked fabric. Purchased 4 years ago for $1 a metre, I've already used 20 metres on various test sewing projects and nighties for Mum and me. I thought it might soften up with use, but it stayed scratchy and frayed and pulled to buggery to boot. Not such a bargain after all. VINNIES
2 balls sock yarn GIFT
15 balls acrylic yarn for a group house where there is a dedicated crocheter in need of materials. GIFT
1 comforter - bought for the spare bed (Salvos 1/2 price manchester sale a couple of years ago) but the colours are not quite right and it's all puffy. SALVOS
3 Pilyvut egg cups in the shape of chickens. I do not require so many egg cups. These are lovely, but... SALVOS
1 white china bowl. Small but not small enough for cereal and too big for the cupboard and there's only one of them. SALVOS
2 bamboo bag handles. SALVOS
1 cheap and nasty kilt pin. SALVOS
1 Paddy Palin plastic coffee plunger/coffee mug in one. SALVOS

1 beanie
5 scarves

IN 28
OUT 48


Michelle said...

But look at your net out! 20!

I reckon you deserve to get yourself some nice yarn every now and then. You are always so generous to everyone else!

Kate said...

The nett result remains impressive. If we end up moving at any stage in the future I hope I'll have about 6 months warning so I can do this.

m1k1 said...

Please can I have a bit of help with the counting rules. Shame oh shame, but I have kept every household bill since before I moved to Sydney 20something years ago. My filing cabinet is overflowing. I have the shredder! I am good to go! I could count every piece of paper, that goes in the shredder as an "out" but that seems a bit wrong. What do you reckon. 1 out for every folder's worth?

Janet McKinney said...

yes definitely - one for every folder worth - actually you could make it one per page if you want...

Anything to encourage you to get rid of the unwanted....

Janet McK

Taphophile said...

Don't sweat the numbers - it's about progress so count however you'd like. I reckon 1 per year sounds about right, or you could say 1 per type of bill - one for the gas, one for the rates etc.

There are no incentives or prizes beyond the personal satisfaction of actually doing it.

That's why although I had a net 20 out this week I don't consider that I made a huge amount of progress because most of my ins were discretionary and in the same category. It's attitude that matters, not numbers. The 7 is only there to focus us upon the task and because it is a "doable" number. I thing a day is something my brain doesn't immediately reject as too big or too hard.