Saturday, December 22, 2007

Seven Things Week 16

This week and next were always going to be tough, 7-things wise.

I'm usually prepared for the Christmas gift-giving pretty early. This year, not as early, but I was still ready with 10 days or so to spare. I've noticed in other years that even being prepared hasn't stopped me from feeling that I should be shopping. It's not just advertising hype and the talk around the lunch-room table but the fact that shopping frenzy is covered on the evening news! Shopping malls at midnight are the happening places, apparently. Our culture is so commercialised and geared to consumer experience that it's hard to not feel like I'm missing out on something.

Of course I'm really missing out on crowds, anxiety, cross-people who are more anxious than me, other people's tired cross and anxious children, bad renditions of my favourite Christmas carols through the PA system, and over-priced, useless stuff that will be relegated to the back of the cupboard or the op-shop come Boxing Day.

Ah well, I've never run with the "in" crowd and I'd rather be home with Peggy and a knitting project; the shops will just have to do without me.

IN (37)
  • 1 groovy green bag. GIFT
  • 1 felted bowl. GIFT
  • 2 skeins yarn. GIFT
  • 1 pkt Patons Aran yarn. OP-SHOP.
  • 8 books - birthday money in action.
  • 1 keyring. GIFT
  • 2 magazines. GIFT
  • 1 cone pink 5ply wool. OP-SHOP $2
  • 10 Christmas fabric napkins. OP-SHOP $2.50. (already transformed into 5 re-usable fabric gift bags)
  • 2 ramekins. GIFT
  • 8 Patons patterns for the collection. eBay
OUT (69)

  • 8 cookbooks GIFTS/OP SHOP
  • 11 balls knitting cotton GIFT
  • 2 balls sock yarn GIFT
  • 1 skein sock yarn GIFT
  • 9 items as gifts
  • 2 fridge magnets. I took the actual magnets out to creatively reuse them and put the plastic faces (theme park souvenirs from well-meaning friends) in the bin.
  • 5 wash cloths GIFTS
  • 13 gift soaps GIFTS
  • 13 gift bags GIFTS
  • 1 emery board - worn out. BIN
  • 4 sample sachets for cosmetic products. BIN
SIAA (41)

  • 1 neck warmer
  • 37 fabric gift sacks - fabric from Nanna's stash and 10 Christmas fabric napkins bought at Vinnies. Ribbon from stash.
  • 2 fridge magnets made from the tops of champagne bottles and re-used magnets.
  • 1 toddler's vest


In 37
Out 69
Net Out 32



The Shopping Sherpa said...

Those are some mighty impressive numbers you have there. Well done!

Anonymous said...

A very productive week! I am avoiding the shops like the plague, the crowds make me grumpy and a little violent (I want to scream "get your damn trolley out of the middle of the aisle and stop gossiping!!) and who needs all that 'stuff' only to throw it out eventually?

Janet McKinney said...

I think I forgot all about shopping this week - and I live right above the shopping centre. Nothing like a tight financial week and the ever present phone, electricity and tax bill to pay to keep the shopping at bay. But then again, I may have somehow forgotten what I have done ;)

Janet McK

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so impressed that you have managed to make such amazing progress during this period!

You're a goddess! I need to take some inspiration from you!