Sunday, December 30, 2007

Seven Things - Week 17

In the last couple of weeks I've found myself grieving a little for my old ways. I really do now ask myself

(a) do I actually need that really cute/vintage/perfect for something thing and is it worth the hassle of getting rid of something else in the house to have? or

(b) is it really up to me to rescue it because it is perfect for someone I know?.

More often than not the answer is no.

And the op-shop managers are starting to notice. Two of my favourites happened to be in the same shop last week and joked that 1 mug at $1.50 was not meeting my minimum purchase requirements.

It makes me a little sad. I might just satisfy myself with taking photos of some of the gems, but it does rather smack of train-spotting for the vintage enthusiast.

TSS and I are discussing the pursuit of other activities in some of the time normally engaged in op-shopping: creative or social activities but not activities arranged around the nearest op-shop. *sigh*

The creative activity this week was going to be dealing the 4 boxes dedicated to Christmas decorating and craft, wrapping papers and the gift stash. I've knocked it down from 4 overflowing boxes to 2 and I'm looking closely at the boxes that are left. While I was in the cupboard, I checked some of the boxes not opened in 4 years. Most of the fabric has been despatched to the op-shops from whence it came and the research papers and notes are now mostly gone to the recycling bin.

Getting rid of old research papers led to the non-fiction book shelves. If I don't do the research anymore, do I need the reference library to back it up? I live 7 kilometres from one of the world's great libraries so if you're interested in labour, women's or Australian local history, the next Lifeline Book Fair is 7-9 March.

So the domino effect and the consumer overload that happens at this time of the year, led to a swing into the purge part of the binge/purge cycle. It is positive and I'm going with it and trying not to overthink it and therefore think myself out of it.

There was a mini op-shop tour on Friday, but we quit after half a day, while we were ahead and at my suggestion. More personal growth - astounding!

IN (40)

  • 1 bag spinning fibre - forgot to include this last week. Ewe Give Me The Knits fibre club for Dec. (It's absolutely gorgeous, am champing at the bit to spin it).
  • 1 mug. SALVOS
  • 1 pair shoes - GIFT
  • 1 bag of beads discarded by The Shopping Sherpa from the world's most hideous bracelet. Used as decorations on fabric Christmas gift bags. The beads were fine on their own it was the conformation of bracelet that was revolting.
  • 1 apron. Forgot this from last week. It has a knitting koala screen-printed on it under the legend "I'm an Aussie Granny". As an apron it is too small and too twee but refashioned it will be something else altogether. SALVOS.
  • 1 scarf - GIFT
  • 1 ruana - GIFT
  • 5 pieces underwear 30-50% off @ TARGET
  • 1 pair trousers - OP SHOP
  • 11 Patons patterns. eBay/op shop
  • 10 beanies worth of yarn OP SHOP
  • 1 ball Patonyle OP SHOP
  • 1 set dpns OP SHOP
  • 3 jumpers for yarn recycling OP SHOP
  • 1 Spin-Off magazine. The first of my subscription. Yay!

OUT (402)

  • 37 items of clothing WOMEN'S REFUGE
  • 1 box packing materials GIFT
  • 1 Pkt cd cases GIFT
  • 1 Bra - a casualty in the war between lycra and gravity BIN
  • 1 Pr undies cut up for dusters REPURPOSED
  • 1 Nightie cut up for dusters REPURPOSED
  • 1 Bag hobby fill OP-SHOP
  • 2 elephant key-rings OP-SHOP
  • 5 small bags, handbags, coin purses OP-SHOP
  • 24 music cds OP-SHOP
  • 1 arty faux Rubik's cube OP-SHOP
  • 3 scarves OP-SHOP
  • 1 itty-bitty book light OP-SHOP
  • 1 palette OP-SHOP
  • 1 pedicure kit OP-SHOP
  • 1 pencil sharpener in the shape of a lantern OP-SHOP
  • 1 rug making kit OP-SHOP
  • 1 set paint brushes OP-SHOP
  • 5 glossy mags OP-SHOP
  • 3 Car seat covers OP-SHOP
  • 15 sewing patterns OP-SHOP
  • 28 lots of sewing fabric OP-SHOP
  • 2 book stands OP SHOP
  • 10 video cassettes and DVDs OP SHOP
  • 131 books LIFELINE
  • 19 assorted binders, folders, wallets, boxes of plastic sleeves and notebooks KIDS or DAD or RECYCLING or BIN
  • 24 knitting patterns GIFTS
  • 25 Christmas items - ornaments, toys decorations for my nieces and nephew KIDS
  • 6 hair accessories KIDS
  • 1 embroidery hoop GIFT
  • 1 wheat filled heat pack GIFT
  • 5 re-usable bags OP SHOP & WOMEN’S REFUGE
  • 5 packets of Christmas cards (that's 100 cards!) - never used, still in their packaging bought them over a few years in after-Christmas markdown sales I rarely send Christmas cards and I resent the forced and inappropriate greetings on most of them DAD
  • 2 circ needles BIN
  • 31 floppy discs and data cds BIN
  • 5 Items of kitchenalia OP-SHOP or BIN

I know I'm wimping out a bit by op-shop dumping this week, but I am concerned about burdening my friends and family with all this stuff. As op-shops are the source of quite a bit of the stuff in my house, they can deal with the consequences. I could probably sell a bit of it, but I just want it gone.


2 pairs socks

4 stitch markers


IN 40
OUT 402



Anonymous said...

taph! You are doing astonishingly well :) Mega impressed.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

You go girl!

*pulls out the cheerleader's pom poms and does a little dance in the space cleared*

TinkingBell said...

Yay Taph!!!
I've been doing a similar thing (when not rolling in my non-stash!!) You're doing great work!

Janet McKinney said...

Now that is a massive purge. Well done. Janet

Donna Lee said...

This time of year really enforces the need to clean out. We have closets full of games that we no longer play. I will go through the closets slowly this winter and give the games to someone who will enjoy them. The clothes we go through each season. If it didn't get worn, out it goes.

Michelle said...

You're a purging star!

And an inspiration as I tackle my bookshelves today!

rooruu said...

I'd just finished writing a post for my blog, musing on how we use this time of year to purge and reorganise, and then when I pootled over to Bloglines there's your entry, about the same thing. You've done SO well!! It's something about this time of year, particularly in the southern hemisphere, I think. It's a good time to regroup. I've got more to do, through January.

Kali said...

You have truly been an inspiration to me. I have found in the past 3 weeks that it is just glorious to go back and look at a huge list of items gone from my house and from my life!

Anonymous said...

OMG you rock! I have found that so so much of what I thrift is just taking up space before long. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean I need it. I keep making vague noise about selling some of it but maybe I'll just bite the bullet and regift it to the op shop when they reopen next week. Your total has been very inspiring