Thursday, January 26, 2012


Op Shopping opportunities on a public holiday are limited, but we managed to get to both the Canberra tip shops today.

Bargains at both, some for us, some for gifts*.

Best buys of the day that we are keeping was a current (6 months to run) Entertainment Book with only the restaurant card and 3 of the vouchers missing.

and my longed for jam kettle.

It's aluminium so I can't use it for anything but jam.  Condiments containing vinegar will pit the aluminum, so no chutneys or sauces, but it will do until we can afford a copper preserving pan.  When that happens, I can die a happy and fulfilled preserver (shut up - you have a holy grail, too!).

These two items, as well as a few items chucked in (Tupperware wine goblet for our ever-expanding set, china noodle bowl for winter soups and stews at work and a souvenir placemat as a joke gift for a colleague) came to $10.

Speaking of tip shop finds, did you see what Misfits Vintage found at her tip shop recently? Pigeon pair to this find at Tiny's at Mugga Mugga a few years back.

*gifts of op-shopped items go to the cogniscenti only.


I Love To Op Shop said...

Bargain - now you just have to remember to use your Entertainment Book, that's my biggest problem!!

2paw said...

Oh that entertainment book is such a good find. My knitting dining out group is thinking of clubbing together to buy one. Nice jam pan, it is a pain about the chutney etc, but very safe!!

Taphophile said...

We put take out the vouchers of the Entertainment Book nearest our workplaces and put in our wallets. Then we leave the book in the glovebox of the car.

We managed to find one about this time last year as well, so a few months of two for one offers at coffee shops etc. was worth the $1 we paid for it. And my reading group will get 25% off a couple of our dinniers. I consider this book a bonus. The jam kettle was definitely worth the $10 to me.

If we dined out regularly, we would probably buy a book but we eat out so rarely that it hasn't been worth it.