Monday, January 30, 2012

Neapolitan Arroyo

This shawl was going to be for the cosy project (knitting cosy things for work fund-raising raffle), but I like it too much - so it's mine.

In Patons Jet, it is the colours of neapolitan icecream.  It won't show the "love sprinkles" from the sheddy Jack Russell, and is light and warm across my back and shoulders.  TOF doesn't feel the cold, so layers are an important aspect of maintaining our relationship - I wear them and don't complain at him about the cold so much.

Arroyo is a free pattern 'on the designers' blog and on Ravelry and knits up quickly for normal, non-lace challenged people (not me, obviously).  The short rows in garter stitch are totally addictive.

The Jet is totally stash.  Despite it being one of my favourite yarns, most of the Jet stash has gone to some charity knitters.  A few balls survived the cull and I'm very glad they did.


Leah said...

That looks like a lovely, useful piece!

2paw said...

Not only is it pretty, it is going to be so useful too. I am glad you are keeping it for yourself since you love it so much!!

Taphophile said...

Thank you Leah and Cindy. Not my usual colours but very practical.

Janette said...

That is lovely! I'll add that pattern to my favourites.

Olivia said...

Very pretty, and will most definitely be warm in jet.