Saturday, January 07, 2012

Knit Focus - Cosy

This is the current cosy - a neck cosy.  It's a bigger project than most of the cosies will be.

I started it in November in a moment of desperation - I was at TOF's, I'd completed a project and had nothing on the needles with me and a whole Sunday at my disposal.

This is why there is an emergency stash of sock yarn in my undies drawer.  What I didn't have were needles of the correct size for socks so this project is a skinny scarf on 3mm needles. 

The pattern is Autumn Leaves by Patricia Tan.  It is a simple biased lace pattern which gives wonderful colour and movement and breaks up the self-striping sock yarn beautifully. It also looks lovely with the left over christmas sweets.  I've knitted it intermittantly between projects or as a car passenger etc.  It grows slowly.

I am bored as bat shit by it now and just want it done.  It lives in my locker and I work on it for 20 minutes or so at lunch time.  It should be finished any month now.

It will be about 3m long when done and as it curls like nothing else. I really hope it blocks flat.

There's more focus knitting this weekend because I forgot to pack an "at home" project for the weekend and only have simple socks with me.  Socks last seen here. Yes, I am on the foot of the second sock and no I haven't replenished the emergency sock yarn stash.  All that's in my undies drawer at the moment are undies. 

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