Friday, January 27, 2012

Settling in for a clatter

of keys, that is.

Well, in my case it was cursing at the keyboard of my Android, but that's not very picturesque.

At high noon today, 3 imaginary friends sat down for a cuppa and a natter.

Cindy2paw and Janette came up with the idea of enjoying a simultaneous cup of the new, limited edition Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea.  They graciously let me crash the tea party.

We all brewed up a cup of KRudd's blend, took a bite of something sweet and used email to have a chat.

My tea brewed and served in a mug with a dash of soy milk, I shoved down my greedy gob nibbled a slice of the last of the Christmas cakes.

The tea was very pleasant - a blend of Russian Caravan (my second favourite Twinings tea after Queen Mary), Orange Pekoe (third favourite Twinings tea) and Irish Breakfast (my go-to for a good strong brew).  It had strength and depth of flavour with a dry finish.  Definitely will be buying some. Confession time, I used a free sample we got with a weekend newspaper.

I gave up trying to knit - my hands were too occupied with keying and noshing.  There was even some tea left in my mug 45 minutes after we began, so busy was I chatting with Janette and Cindy.

It was thoroughly enjoyable and not long enough - maybe we'll Skype it next time. Note to self.  Learn how to use Skype.

Wonky photos courtesy of Blogger, which will recognise a cropped image but restores original orientation.


2paw said...

It was very lovely and your fruity cake looks delicious!! Yes, I know what Skype is but have no idea how to. Isn't it funny how close to a real life catch up for a cuppa and a chat it was??!!

Janette said...

Was lovely chatting with you today and sharing a cuppa of course.

Pleased to read I'm not the only one experiencing problems with blogger tonight.

Roxie said...

Blogger is always so "Interesting" to work with. Still, it's the best I've found.

YOur tea party sounds delicious and delirious. what a grand idea! And what pretty knitting you have there.

Hope you are well and happy. I think of your every time I look at your paperweight. (daily)