Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Stash Focus

2011 saw a nett reduction of stash.  I gave a huge amount away for a variety of charitable and other purposes but there was a fair bit come in, too.

So this year I get to enjoy some of it.  So I'm joining Ann at Shades of Shetland (go admire her colourwork and her Westies) in a yarn diet (of sorts).

I'm not going to buy any yarn until I've knitted 2 proper garmentsfrom stash; either vests, jumpers or cardies. 

I'm allowed to receive gifts, but not solicit gifts.  Swaps are fine.

I'm allowed to buy a pattern if it's in my queue as of 1 January 2011, but not after.

I am allowed to buy necessary equipment but purchases need to be funded from extra income earned because this year's knitting budget is $0 - we have bigger fish to fry than my fibre obsession  (I've been sorting out my sewing and knitting patterns - watch this space next week).

I am allowed get out of gaol free cards for the wool and fibre days at the Old Bus Depot Markets and if it's unbeatable op-shop bargain you know it's coming, but it needs to be in a project amount and an equivalent amount of yarn already in stash has to be removed. That should focus my mind a bit.

So what am I going to knit?

  • There is always a pair of standard socks on the needles for muscle-memory knitting. (stash yarn only)
  • We have a year long fundraiser going on at work.  The theme is '"cosy"and my colleagues (many of who are talented artists and crafters) are contributing raffle prizes.  I'll be knitting cosies all year.  These items will be knitted during lunch hours etc. so my colleagues can watch the progress and feel involved.  (stash yarn only)
  • I have a couple of WIPs to finish including a large blanket for the footy season (it's 50% done) and a shawl and a pair of kilt hose for TOF so they'll get worked on at home and one of those needs to be finished before I cast on a garment
  • I would like a couple of vests and a cardigan or two and TOF would like a jumper.  I'm not saying I'll finish his jumper because the only style we agree on is in a largely unobtainable pattern.  I'll work on getting the pattern, then worry about the knitting. (stash yarn only)
Right. I have some knitting to do. Chat later.

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