Monday, May 28, 2007

Here's your hat, what's your hurry

Time Thief Watch Caps 2007.40-49

The hat on the top left is in Spidey dyed yarn. It's lovely. The scraps went to making a child's pair of wristwarmers. Mum's now doing them in 3 sizes. Bloke, woman/teen, kid. The children's ones are the cutest things out and all of the kids in the neighbourhood are sporting a pair. Mum reckons it's a great way not to waste the ends of balls. The boys next door reckon they make the playing of knuckles a heck of a lot easier.

The black, cream and red one on the bottom right was mostly knitted at the Save Albert Hall meeting last Thursday night. It was going to be just black and cream, but the meeting was so passionate it needed that little bit of red.

Here it is posing on the sundial as we went in.

TRIVIA: The sundial pedestal was part of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, England. In 1934, Mr JN Reeson acquired several pieces of decorative stonework that had been removed during refurbishment, and presented some of them to the Federal Government for use in Canberra. A bronze sundial and a plaque were cast for the pedestal, and in 1936 the circular rose bed in front of the Albert Hall was slightly modified to take the new structure.
Source: Very well researched and edited article on the ACT Heritage Library's website.


2paw said...

What a lovely set of hats!! You whip them up so quickly and they look great!!

Kate said...

Whaddaya mean "save Albert Hall"? Are they going to demolish it or something? I didn't think that was possible - it's one of the oldest structures in the ACT so I htought it was heritage listed. (Mind you, the current srategy of neglect it until it falls down seems to be working as a default demolish order...).

Taphophile said...

They aren't proposing demolishing the Albert Hall but there are radical plans for developing the area around it and the tender for it's management has just closed.

The National Capital Authority dropped the proposal for a 28 storey landmark tower between it and Commonwealth Avenue Bridge the day before the meeting, but there is still some crappy planning happening for the precinct.