Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spotted at a bus stop this morning on my way to work, a woman knitting something bright and chunky and at the Heraldry and Genealogy Society meeting tonight, another jumper for an AIDs baby was on the needles in the back row. As a guest speaker, I felt right at home and not at all resentful of knitting during my presentation.

Apart from SnB and the family; this is the most KIP I've ever seen and the camera was at home, drat it.

Also - give Bendy a break. The patterns may be uninspired, but we get fab patterns for free all the time (new Magknits and new Anticraft). Let them concentrate on great wool at great prices and be happy.

And on the subject of patterns - kudos to the Anticraft and Becca,the designer of the sock Vinnland which will fit my leg without having to do the effin maths.


2paw said...

I have never thought of Bendgo as predominantly a pattern company, only wool really. My mum loves their patterns but she would faint at the sight of The AntiCraft!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY for the socks! I love the AntiCraft, I think it may be time for me to make "Bad Juju". I love the idea of a knitted voodoo doll.

I have to agree about the Bendy patterns. I always thought the point was the yarn. But maybe because I haven't started to think about knitting in terms of clothing, only little wonky things?

Who cares, I'm just thrilled that i can buy online :)

Jejune said...

Very cool about seeing more knitters in public - world domination soon to follow! :)

And excellent news about the sock pattern - no excuses now ;)

Lara said...

The patterns go a long way to explaining the poxy colour range. But there is always dye!

Jejune said...

Having seen the new sock at SnB last night, I can cofirm that it is simply splendid, wonderful, and brilliant - go Taph!