Sunday, May 20, 2007


The Celebration of Wool was FABULOUS!

I took my camera but with hands full of yarn and fibre it was difficult to take photos. C'est la guerre!

So you know how the market was due to open at 10am - well Spidey and I got there at 9. We risked life and limb (according to the warning notice at the front entrance) by doing a quick reccy for our favourite stall holders. This took hardly any time at all and we had a mental map for Glenora Weaving, Waratah Fibres, Fibreworks, Flinders Island and, surprisingly, the Bead and Opal Queen.
Judes and Toniya found us having a quick cuppa (I took a thermos) and, giggly as school girls, we were hitting the stalls by 9.30. Everyone was set up by then, and no-one was prepared to knock by our dosh. The rest of the morning is a bit of a blur. We ran into old friends and made new ones. Helen Rippon and her offsider at Waratah Fibres we probably glad to see the back of us, so often did we return to paw her merchandise. Mind you, at least one of us made a purchase every time we passed!
I caught up with the owner of Booroowool (she's promised the website will be back up soon) and also Kate Sevier of the Wool Room at Young where I enabled Judes a little. Hope you win the scarf Judes. Said hi to a few spinners and knitters in passing and caught up, briefly, with Bells, Jejune and Othlon. I missed Gemma by minutes, which was a shame because I was looking forward to meeting her.

Here's a view of the passenger seat of my car on leaving the Market. It's not as bad as it looks - honestly.

A quick cuppa at Spidey's, made by her lovely Monkey Sherpa, and it was off to SnB.

I was a bit punchy from the fibre high, so when I saw our famously rude sheep sculptures in City Walk, I couldn't resist a photo op.
I also noticed this detail as part of the sculpture. I'd like to think it's knitted lace, but it is suspiciously like the craft that cannot be named.

A big turn out, some newbies *waves* and some old faces. It was lovely. Among many wonderous heirlooms in progress, Rachel was making a Kiri shawl from a kit she won at the Harlot Happening. It's a thing of beauty (and much counting).

I really do have a hangover. I'm tired and headachey and want to lie in a darkened corner for a while. I may well dream of fibre tonight.


Janette said...

Oh that's just plain greedy, says the green eyed monster!!!

What a great day!

Kate said...

Loved the stash enhancement opps. Still in mourning that I couldn't get to it : (

So, did you think 60 Lights was photography or light in theme?

Anonymous said...

I was SO overstimulated by all of that yarn!

Took me ages to get to sleep with all of the overexcitement, and visions of "stash" dancing in my head.

kms said...

cant speak for grief at missing it. which i did deliberately knowing how much money i just spent in a little town called rome and how much i need to spend on a little thing called moving. thanks for the porn tho. *drools*

Bells said...

is that why my Monday was more sluggish than usual? I was downright comatose today. Two hangover Mondays in a row and for QUITE different reasons!