Friday, May 04, 2007

Normal services will be resumed as soon as possible

but for now I'm busy reading THIS

It came with the lovely Janet all the way from Ottawa. Janet also brought these special orders for me - you can look while I read.

Lucy Neatby hand-dyed sock yarn (on the left is Fiery Fuschia, on the right is Fiesta). I don't know if I can bear to make socks out of these - they are SOOOO gorgeous. Janet did some classes with Lucy just before coming to Australia for a holiday. She's also met Debbie Bliss and other knitting luminaries and works in a yarn store. I'd have to hate her if she wasn't so much fun to be around.

2 skeins of Sea Silk in Ocean I thought maybe the Sivia Harding wimple in the latest issue of Yarn. Dunno.

Also Bells, AmandaJ and Jejune - you know I'm SOOO up for doing the knitted ironing board cover - I'm thinking cables. I reckon it would be easier to fold an old woollen blanket over the board, though.


Georgie said...

Just remember what Janet said about reading YH in public....or you'll wind up being known as that "crazy cackling" knitting lady before long!

Bells said...

i wish I knew where you live. I'd creep in your window and steal it all!

amanda j said...

Hm, I guess a wool blanket would do the trick!

What a lucky ducky you are! Enjoy.

Sue H said...

Ooooh, such lovely colours, and hand maiden sea silk............I'm salivating.

Olivia said...

Ooooh, nice haul. The Lucy Neatby skeins are SERIOUS COLOUR! Love it.

Jejune said...

Beautiful beautiful stuff there - will you be able to bear to even knit with it, or is it core stash?

Hope the YH is keeping you entertained - how is the book panning out so far?

And - oh yeah - a woolen blanket. But I reckon a handknit one would be SO much cooler (or hotter, whatever)...

ferg said...

I must admit I don't know what we are all talking about but I'm sure I'll soon catch on again. I'm so glad all is going well with you and you now have a friend to visit in England!!
Check out and you will see how cute the local area is.
Lots of love and good thoughts for now.
Cheers Gillian

happyspider said...

Ocean just didnt seem right and I've been doing some hunting... and what you have there is periwinkle my friend :)
soooooo pretty. It's in the new interweave.