Monday, May 21, 2007

It's going to be pretty full on here at Chez Taph this week. Or rather it will be pretty full on and NOT at Chez Taph. I'm out or working every night this week, so apologies in advance for not responding to meme tags, comments etc. I'll get to it, just in bits and pieces.

Also, I'm really backed up on the blog reading front. I'll catch up just as soon as I can.

I will say this, though. Kate, I thought Sixty Lights was about fragmentation, or rather fragments and impermanance. Saying it was about photography is like saying the film I saw last week, As It Is In Heaven is about a Norwegian conductor and his choir. It may well be the plot device, but is sure as shit isn't the theme or the message. (Hint: the movie is about redemption but don't let that put you off, it's very, very good.)

Also, the hangover is still here. Judes is right - it's overstimulation. I just looked at what I bought, and I was remarkably restrained and came in UNDER budget. Most of it is spinning fibre which will be my entire entertainment for 5 weeks away with Mum. The yarn is destined for Christmas presents. Yup, I'm starting to plan my Christmas knitting.


Kate said...

Thanks - fragmentation captures it perfectly : )
Went to Faye's last weekend and was faced with similar overstimulation. Baby was bouncing for the rest of the night. Have to ration both of us for a while! BTW, she's going to retire and start her LYS/quilting/notions shop! She's looking for a site now : ) I'm v. excited!

Margie said...

I too am planning my Christmas knitting - to do NONE AT ALL!!!

You're crazy - generously crazy! ;)

Jejune said...

Phew - sounds like a hectic schedule. I don't know how you manage it! Remember to have time to cuddle the puppy and enjoy some quiet time alone with tea and knitting :)