Monday, May 14, 2007

Holy Day of Obligation

I know you're all dying to know how the last day of the road trip went but I interupt that scheduled programming to remind every one that this Sunday, 20 May, is

at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston

The barricades will be breached about 10am and it's every knitter for herself.

It's also a regular SnB day for the Canberra crowd.

We know there will be some Sydney visitors and we are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Any other locals or visitors are welcome to attend.

So we extend an

Starbucks, City Walk, Canberra from 2pm for show and tell (all of the good wool will be gone by then anyway).


Margie said...


Darn it all!

Kate said...

AAARGH! Dammit - I can't get there (sob). I'll be thinking of you all while you yarn diving. (stomps off into corner...)

gemma said...

Thanks Taph, plus if you are prepared to be run over by tables or people finishing setting up, I have been let into the markets by one of the back doors a little earlier on occasions ..... :)
See you there,

chocolatetrudi said...

Boy, did my Canberra friend choose the wrong week (last weekend) to have her housewarming! But maybe there's some sort of Knit From Your Stash force that's keeping me from wool sales right now.

Have fun!

Georgie said...

Wish I could be there *sigh* Have fun.

However, Im consoled by thinking of our trip to Europe as a yarn pilgrimage - Ive just got to hope that my beloved doesnt clue onto the fact that our intinerary is planned around shrines to yarn....tehe

Jejune said...

Dotter and I will see you there Taph! We've both been saving our pennies (and dollars) for the event! :D

Sue H said...

Darn it. Such a pity it's not next weekend as I'm thinking of coming to Canberra for the Western Bulldogs V Sydney Swans footy match. (For one, Sydney isn't going to get a home ground advantage for a Doggies away home game)

Kate said...

Wish I could be there, but two small kids + no car = missing out on woolly fun.
In other news, you are hereby tagged to post seven random facts about yourself to your blog. Don't hate me, I had to come up with seven people, and as I'm new to the blogosphere, I had to improvise. Feel free to ignore it if you've already done it, or just don't want to.