Saturday, May 26, 2007

I think I'll be leaving now

You all remember my dear old Mum, don't you?

Mum with Rosie, 24 May 2007

You know, the woman who recently took up knitting after a 12 year rest.

The woman who has knitted through my 8ply stash in two months, making well in excess of 50 pairs of wrist warmers to date.

The woman with whom I had this conversation over a cuppa this morning.

Mum: "I was thinking about that sock wool you saw at the market last week."

Taph: "Mmmm?"

Mum: "The nice printed stuff that was 3 balls for $25".

Taph: "Oh yes, the Opal."

Mum: "I was thinking you should have bought some."

Taph: "But I have a lot of sock wool already - I don't really need more just now."

Mum: "I meant for me."

Taph: *gobsmacked stare as comprehension dawns*

Mum: "I could do socks; they look like fun."

Now she wants to share the sock stash. She's not a mother, she's a moth!


Anonymous said...

Love it :) go mama-bear!!

thanks for the tips on the knitpicks - as soon as i posted I went to tapestry craft and brought a stack of them. I did it as soon as the website opened!!!

2paw said...

Oh no!! Your mum will need her own stash so yours will be safe!!

amanda j said...

I feel your pain. My mother is on the socks now. I have given her sock yarn for Mother's Day and birthday so far this month. They gave birth to us . . . what argument do we have??

Jejune said...

Hmmm, a good yet worrying development! Any chance of offloading sock yearn you're not so keen on, and replacing it with nicer stuff for yourself?

Jejune said...

LOL - yearn - yarn - what a Freudian typo ;)

Kate said...

Hey, look at it this way. You and the rest of the family will know what to get her for birthdays, Mother's day and Christmas for at least the next 24 months!

I'm gob-smacked that you gave up chocolate, spicey food and wine TOGETHER! One is understandable - all 3????

ferg said...

What a wonderfully sneaky idea from jejune. She sounds like she grew up with a lot of sisters.
I bet your mother has a preference for the lovely self-striping stuff while she's yearning for yarn.
Cheers Gillian

E said...

I would say "You've created a monster!", but I'm not sure it works because she actually created you. How about..."You're enabling a sock monster!" or something to that effect.

I'm not surprised she's attracted to the good stuff...must run in the genes.

Kylie said...

oh this post had me in fits - it sounds like my grandmother.