Friday, June 29, 2007


Last weekend I read the supermarket catalogues as if they were porn. I haven't set foot in a supermarket in 3 weeks and all that glossiness and pretty packaging in the catalogues had me reaching for my shopping list and a marker and although I haven't missed supermarket shopping at all, my heart beat just a little faster to see my coffee (pre-ground) down to $14 a kilo, and the craved Jamaica Gold chocolate $1 off.

Yesterday I had to enter the supermarket. They are not my favourie places at the best of times, but yesterday, after such an absence it became clear how my thinking has changed during the Cook from the Cupboard Challenge.

I went in for dog bones and margarine, the last scraping of which was used on yesterday's toast, and batteries for work.

I was too late to get to the butcher, and was hoping for some lamb shanks as boredom busters for the girls who would be alone for longer than usual today. No dog bones. There were bags of lamb off-cuts but the bones are too small for the girls. Some minutes cruising the red-light district that is the supermarket meat section, I did find lamb shanks. I could be forgiven for not recognising them immediately. They were cut down, so the thin end of the shank was cut off, leaving only the meaty end. They were packaged in batches of 3 in marinades. Greek style, satay style and others which I failed in my dumbfoundedness to commit to memory. They were labelled "Lamb Drumsticks". *boggle*

I was successful, at least, in obtaining margarine. I use a soy marg and there is only one brand. Fortunately it was 30c off, down to $1.99. This is usually the time I grab 10 and put them in the freezer. Having monitored my consumption more closely in the last few weeks, though, I bought two. One for home and one to replace the tub at work which will run out soon.

I felt quite lost in the supermarket. How could I be in and out in under 10 minutes? Shouldn't I be buying more? What about the specials? Shouldn't I be taking advantage of them? What about getting my petrol discount voucher? *

SPENT : $3.98
amended - sorry, can't add. That's make my spending about comparable to yours, TSS.

* I've done the sums on this one. I have to spend $30, sometimes on quite unneccesary stuff, to get less than 3c off a tank. For me, it often isn't worth it.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Great post!

I was jealous that you've only spent $2.49 a day since you started your challenge until I remembered you're eating out of two lots of cupboard ;-)

I'm sitting at just over $5 a day which makes me look like a total spendthrift...

Taphophile said...

Not quite two cupboards, TSS. I had a week's worth of veg from the parents, it is true, but given I shop for them and cook and eat with them at least 3 nights a week, it's probably not a-typical. The real test will be the next 4 weeks.

Besides, you're eating much nicer meals than I am.

Georgie said...

Lamb drumsticks???? French cut, yes, but who let the freaky promotions dude loose on the lamb shanks? Obviously a slow week for him/her in the inspiration dept!!

I too, am a supermarket cruiser who always comes out with a heck of lot more than just milk and cat food, so you are inspiring me to at least think about working on that Taph!

amanda j said...

I agree, you are an inspiration. I let money trickle through my fingers at times. The supermarket is an evil place.