Sunday, August 03, 2008

Good knit week

TSS, J, the Old Flame and I took in Lars and the Real Girl at ANU Film Group. It was an odd, sweet film which we all enjoyed. For TSS and I, the bonus was the knitwear. The opening shot shows Lars draped in a what appeared to be a baby blue lacey scarf. It turns out not to be a scarf, but a baby blanket knitted by his mother. He wears it constantly. Plenty of hand knits and cr***et and one scene where three women sit with Lars - one does needlework, one cr***ets and one knits. Am seriously considering trying to replicate the blanket pattern - it was very sweet.

Discover that Miss Muffin the ferret (one of two that live with the Old Flame), not only steals his socks and hides them, but has developed a taste for my hand-knitted socks. My Stanbridge socks were discovered in her lair. We have had words and I've agreed to not leave my socks within her reach.

Called in to visit the Old Flame's parents on Saturday and saw progress on his Dad's winter jumper. His Mum is about to start the last piece; it will be ready before Spring. It's a gorgeous cabled jumper in Bendigo Classic 8ply, Cranberry.

Heirloom Jigsaw 4ply - basic sock pattern

Finished the second of Mum's "whinger" socks just before the Wallabies got flogged by the All Blacks on Saturday night.

Took several goes to cast on another sock in Patonyle after attending a rather fine Cabernet Sauvignon wine tasting on Sunday.


Michelle said...

Oh dear. You still have that allergy to the word crochet? I think there are antihistamines for that.

2paw said...

Naughty Ferrets!!
I am a bit obsessed with knitting and crocheting on TV shows. I loved Sam's beautiful cardigan she wore on Foyle's War tonight!!

Kate said...

Ah yes, wine enhanced stitching often creates havoc within cast-ons. Have taped all of Foyle's War and will have to review the knitting features that 2paw has pointed out!

Taphophile said...

A rather lovely pale green cardie in a very fine weight with bobbly bits.

TinkingBell said...

Damn that counting cast on stitches - I can never get the same number twice after the second glass of vino!

Lynne said...

I can't help noticing the knits on TV either. Foyles War and Agatha Christie with Miss Marple are great, with the added bonus that Miss Marple knits!
The ad with the woman knitting who throws her knitting off the needles while the voice over says "Do something more exciting" annoys me! [maybe it only shows in NSW]

Donna Lee said...

Who can blame the ferret for wanting only the finest and comfiest things to line her bed?