Saturday, August 30, 2008

Seven things week 52

My brother and I recently discussed what furniture we would save from our houses in a disaster or would fight a spouse for in a split. Not that he is anticipating a split from his beloved wife, but we needed some drastic parameters.

Apart from the usual photos, family papers etc, for me what it came down to was this -

  • the matching wing-back and companion chair I purchased at Salvos Fyshwick in 1992 which were reupholstered by my parents as a house-warming gift when I bought my first flat in 1994

  • Great-Grandfather Cameron's chest of drawers

  • Great-Grandfather Buchanan's sideboard

  • the lovely bed a dear friend made when I bought this house

Now it could just be that I don't form attachments to things but you and I both know that is not true at all - if I had to choose, though, that would be it (and I could sacrifice the bed if I had to).

Then a more dangerous question came to mind - why am I keeping the other things?

Well some things need to be kept because they are useful. The dining table and chairs (which really should be replaced), the sofa (also should be replaced), the spare bed, bedside tables, bookcases etc. - even though I wouldn't die in a ditch over them, they are handy, they just don't have much meaning beyond that and I do like things to have meaning. But some of the mis-matched and downright ugly book cases? The various and varied cupboards and chests of drawers? The assorted chairs? How much do they add to the enjoyment of my home?

So I did a bit of a stocktake and created a plan of action. Ther is now a furniture disposal schedule which will see quite a few items disappear from this house and my life, and, in the case of the bookcases, some of the contents as well. I hope to raise enough from the sale of some items to finance the purchase of new ones, but generally don't intend replacing what is leaving. The plan is for an item of furniture out, or possibly repurposed, every month or so for the next six to twelve months.

IN (3)
1 knitting machine - LONG STORY
1 knitting magazine - SUBSCRIPTION
1 jacket - GIFT

OUT (64)

3 prs pyjamas - RAG BAG
1 jacket - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 jewellry box - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 large bag kitty litter - GIFTS & DONATIONS
5 prs shorts - GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 prs pants - GIFTS & DONATIONS
14 t-shirts - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 laundry basket - BIN
10 balls yarn - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pr earrings - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 knitting patterns - GIFTS & DONATIONS
12 books - BOOK CROSSING
1 tin of sewing stuff - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 watches - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 nighties - RAG BAG

SIAA (9)
9 beanies

IN 3
OUT 64

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TinkingBell said...

You are SO inspiring Taph! - What a great plan (Unworkable for me - mostly because of inheriting stuff and meaning and needing something to sit on and somewhere to put the books - I really do rationalisation well - huh) and the fact I've just gone back to work and bought some new work-y type clothes - but hopefully that means a few Mum sort of ones can go! And there's some kids stuff taht can go. But you are great doing this! I must start agtain and try and be more mindful (all over again!)