Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pump up the volume

Rising to the challenge of my conscience, behold the bulky beanies of the week.

Count 'em - 7.

Actually it's 9 beanies, but only 7 from the bulky stuff; a couple of TTWCs sneaked in as well because the bulky stuff isn't portable for waiting in queues for petrol, queues for Medicare, queues at the chemist (I've had a frustrating week).

Of course now that's done, will I have to repeat it?

I've done the sums and it's 6 a week to finish this yarn off before the end of December. Difficult, but doable - except for the crippling pain. The bulky yarn on big needles has caused excruciating neck and shoulder pain. I took the weekend off the big stuff and did only a heel of a sock and a few rounds of a 12 ply beanie. No pain.

Bugger. I'll have to slow down on the big stuff.


Janet McKinney said...

Would you like a hand to get through that bulky yarn this year?

Donna Lee said...

I thought it was me. I have been using bulky yarn on big ol'needles and my hands hurt. I didn't think to blame the fat yarn and needles. That gives me an excuse to not knit it for a while.

Kate said...

Yes!! Or you'll find that you won't be able to knit anything at all, whihc would be an abomination.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I don't think that your conscience ever meant you to be in pain....but then again it could be an evil conscience and this is all part of some nasty scheme.