Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There's a lot of good engineering in a pair of gentlemen's socks

The title is a quotation from Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day a lovely film enjoyed this evening at ANU Film Group. I met TSS as arranged and also ran into the blogless WithaQ who was knitting a lovely Annie Modesitt design.

We were chatting and knitting before the film started when TSS spied a gorgeous sock on a woman in front of us. As we'd just been discussing the etiquette of fondling hand-knits on complete strangers, TSS leaned forward and asked if the sock in question was, indeed, handknitted.

It was and the wearer declared that they were so lovely to wear it was enough to make her want to learn to knit. Now THAT'S a good review.

And the socks. Well as the cherry on the cake, they were a gift knitted by a well-known local blogger. Congrats Bells.


Anonymous said...

hehe now thats a small world! What funky looking socks.

amanda j said...


2paw said...

That's just spooky!!!!

Bells said...

oh isn't that funny! I love that she's wearing them out and about. I thought she was only going to wear them as bedsocks - but no! I love it. Thanks for that Taph.

Jejune said...

LOL! What a fun evening out :)